31 May 2016

Transportation to Hippie-r Times // Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance

It's currently raining in the UK. It's because of this that I am going to allow transportation to hippie-r times with the aptly named Upbeat fragrance from Mary Kay (£26)*. In a single spritz of the Upbeat scent, I find myself in a drapey floral maxi number with flowers embellishing my hair and neck. My feet are bare of shoes and I am journeying through the city of San Francisco in a VW camper van, artistically graffitied with tie-dye hues and a large illustrative peace sign. In this moment I am very much a 1970's hippie in a reverie of sweet music, seizing all hypnotic rhythm. Stimulating the lustful feeling of music, freedom and friends, Upbeat is intensely flirty and energetic, revealing potent bursts of fruity notes.

Mary Kay Upbeat Fragrance

27 May 2016

Lifestyle // Tips for Sleeping in Summer

It's rather ironic that as I am writing this, the sun is very much in and out of hiding. What is up with the British weather at the moment? One day of sun and then bam, the rain pours, then sunny again - I cannot keep up and would much prefer jet setting off to California (a girl can dream). I thought this post would still hold some relevance though, for those days when we are caught off guard with extreme mugginess, as I for one, really struggle sleeping in the 'summer'. My one complaint about having the top floor bedroom is that it gets sooooo warm at night. I'm not the best sleeper and I am definitely more aware of this when it's particularly warm or muggy in the evenings. I've garnered a few tips in making the nights more bearable in the heat over the years so I thought I would divulge.

Tips For Sleeping in Summer

24 May 2016

NEW IN // Models Own First Full Make-up Collection

OK, so my inner pastel, bright haired unicorn got enormously excited when I first saw the first full Models Own Make-up Collection*; I could hardly contain my excitement. Originally known for its diverse range of nail polishes, which my nail collection is primarily made up of incidentally, the brand has now released a very colourful line of cosmetics. Models Own has dabbled in make-up before, but never to this extent. I remember seeing sneak peaks of the collection when it made its debut at the PPQ AW16 show, consequently finding myself super giddy over the fact that it was exploring colour and innovation in such a fun, creative way.

An Image of Models Own Debut Makeup Collection

22 May 2016

Share The Love Sunday // Instagram Accounts To Follow

While at the gym today I was pondering over what post I'd like to write today and I thought it was about time to share the love a wee bit on this blog. I think I may try and make this a regular Sunday feature because I just can't fit everyone I love into one single post. Well, I could but I'd be here all night and I have a to do list as long as my arm #sorrynotsorry (and yes, that includes catching up with a week's worth of Eastenders). Since Instagram is my favourite social media platform, I figured it would be a great place to start. I am honestly on the biggest Instagram hype of my life right now and I am working really hard on my images (find me here if you fancy a nosy). I am a very visual person so I am trying to make it more 'me'. I absolutely adore Instagram accounts with some kind of theme; whether that be uber bright and fun, or really stripped back and minimalist (I'm a sucker for a good white background and rose gold accents - I am a walking cliché after all). My favourite accounts are extremely diverse in content; I adore beauty posts, home decor posts, food posts (bonus points if they're colourful and make me dribble) and just general lifestyle images from genuinely awesome people. I also love seeing people with wacky coloured hair like me, so holla if you're part of that crew.  So without further ado, here's five accounts I have been majorly stalking this week (yes I'm probs creepin' on you too so keep checking back each Sunday).

20 May 2016

Make-up Look // Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Pink Eyeshadow Palette

Lately I have been really inspired to ‘shop my stash’ and really delve into some of the gems in my collection. I am often very guilty of sticking to the same type of make-up so recently I decided I would start doing a series of make-up looks that I could showcase on the blog. Today’s make-up look isn’t all that different to my usual every day style, but it’s the perfect look for summer and primarily focuses on a brand new product from the Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes collection: the Boobi Brown Sunkissed Pink Eyeshadow Quad (£36)*. Again, no surprise, it’s also housed in the dreamiest rose gold packaging that I absolutely adore. I think I may have dribbled a wee bit when I first saw this, and when it landed on my desk I couldn’t stop playing with it. Isn’t it just a beauty? I mean, if you could frame make-up, this would be a worthy choice.


17 May 2016

Bronzed & Glowing // The Urban Decay Duo You Need

Ohmygawwwwd I am so obsessed with these two products from Urban Decay, I'm telling ya, there is a serious love affair happening right now. Gone are the days of being all about that base (well, I still am but go with me) because it's all about that glow nowadays, and boy do I love to glow. I'm not saying I like to resemble one big fleck of glitter, or the disco ball at Reflex, but I like to be suitably glowing at all times. When using the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer (£20)*  and Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Aura (£19)* I feel like I could be on a deserted island somewhere, doing nothing but basking in my own glow.

An image of Urban Decay Beached Bronzer & Afterglow Highlight in Aura

15 May 2016

Mental Health // Recovery

This is so long (sorry!) and *potentially triggering*. Writing has always come naturally to me, but when the topic of conversation is particularly raw and personal, it becomes profoundly more difficult. I have been wanting to write this post for so long, but have struggled to find the right words or courage to do so...

13 May 2016

Lipstick // Five Bright Shades for Summer

It's no secret that I have a slight obsession with lipsticks. People enter my room and are astonished by how many lip products one person can own, and mine are simply overflowing all my current storage solutions. As the weather gets warmer, everything gets a little brighter, and that goes for my lip colour too. When I leave the house wearing a bold lip colour I feel great; like I can conquer anything thrown at me. It may sound silly to some, but it really does give me that much needed confidence boost. That is, of course,  until I discover I have been beaming my smile all around south London with lipstick on my teeth. Yeahhh never a good look that. In recent weeks I have definitely put the nude pinks I was previously addicted to down and have started curating my summer lipstick wardrobe. I thought I would share with you five out of my collection that are ideal for creating a bold summer lip statement!

Image of five bright lipsticks

11 May 2016

NEW IN // Rosie Bea for Eylure & Elegant Touch

If you know me, and you know me well, you will be fully aware that I am sucker for cute packaging. The new Rosie Bea for Eylure and Elegant Touch Collection* is no exception. Just look at it! So many cute prints. When those prints involve flowery leaves and geometric shapes, well, y'know I'm sold. I am going to be totally honest with you and say I hadn't heard of Rosie until this collaboration *I know, I know slap my wrist*, but I am so glad I have now discovered both her and her YouTube channel. Rosie is a really sweet girl and after having a lovely talk with her Dad at the recent event (i'm not a creep, honest!), I know how hard she has worked. Rosie Bea's collection for Eylure and Elegant Touch has her aesthetic all over it, which is great to see. Lots of people can get carried away, but she's been heavily involved with the designs and kept it very true to her style, and I really admire that. Now I can appreciate false lashes, but I was most excited about the Rosie Bea x Elegant Touch false nails, even if they do hinder my typing expertise...

An image of the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch & Eylure range

09 May 2016

Fashion Wishlist // Spring & Summer Vibes

I haven't done a fashion wishlist in so long, but recently there has been so much that has caught my eye. I think this is probably due to the change of season and having absolutely nothing to wear when the weather catches us off guard with scorching sun. I never really spend much on clothes during the summer because, well, we get like two weeks of sun and the rest of the year could genuinely be classed as Autumn. This being said, I definitely need to go shopping! Sometimes I get so caught up with spending my money on beauty bits that I forget that I too need to dress my body as well as my face!

A picture of a spring/summer fashion wishlist
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