31 March 2014

March beauty loves

 UK beauty blogger March Favourites March beauty FavouritesGolly, long time no blog eh? I have missed my little place on the interwebs greatly; but woah has my life been a little off scale lately. I cannot believe I have been back in London for a month now, time literaly runs away from itself. I've been meaning to do a post for so long, but something always gets in the way. I am so happy it is starting to get lighter in the evenings now, hello GB summertime! I hate that when I leave for work, and get home from work I am either too tired to do blog stuff, or the lighting is just utterly horrendous. I hope this bout of motivation lingers because I have so many blog ideas. I've finally settled in London, I am in the swing of my new job, I actually now have somewhere to live and being back with my friends is great. I do miss home, but I feel like a proper little grown up now; although a small gal in a big city does have its troubles sometimes, but nevertheless most things are pretty good. I think now I have decided to stay in the same house I am going to start roping one of my housemates into taking outfit photos for me, because I have a few new bits I wish to showcase - it's a bit of a nightmare though as my housemates and I work completely different hours so always miss each other being in. I am sure I will work something.

Anyway *back on track*. March favourites. There have been many I must say. I write about fashion & beauty for a living which has its pros and cons. Pro is I am one of the first to hear of new launches, con is it makes me want to buy so much stuff. I have really upped my beauty game recently. I am more and more swaying towards beauty instead of fashion, make-up is just so exciting. Over the last month I have been lucky to attend some great press events and launches so my *omg i love* pile is forever growing. These are definitely my most used products of the past month, though.

001. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in True Love* - I have been dying to try Tarte for a long time, especially the blushers as I have read countless blogs raving about how wonderful and pretty they are, and I don't disagree, they are amazing. A few weeks ago I attended the UK launch of Tarte with QVC and got to test out the great range. After I had my make-up done, I literally fell in love with everything, and I mean everything. The foundation has now made its way onto my 'to buy when you've got money' list, but I was lucky enough to receive the same blush the make-up artist used on me. It's a really nice coral pink colour which suits my pale complexion perfectly. It sweeps onto my cheeks like a dream and when mixed with a little bit of highlighter, it lasts most of the day.

002. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - I honestly don't know how I coped before I bought this. This may even top my EL Double Wear, I am that addicted. It's got great coverage while offering a slight dewy look to my skin, which is great because I suffer from terrible dry skin.

003. Vaseline Spray & Go - This is now my fourth can of this little wonder product. I love it that much, it's a lazy gal's dream. It makes my skin feel so supple and sinks in super quick. The only downside, I feel, is that it doesn't last as long as the cream formula, but maybe I just get too excited and go spray crazy. It still has that wonderful cocoa butter smell too! I am yet to try the other versions, but I may try the aloe vera one at some point.

004. MAC Heroine Lipstick - I have worn this so much since I bought it. As soon as I heard it was being released as part of the permanent line I knew I had to get my hands on it. I also saw Zoe wearing it at the Tarte event and that tipped my desire over the edge. The next day it was mine. The best love affair of my life. It's a gorgeous bright purple shade, and I love purple lipsticks (I've lost count of how many I own). It's a matte finish which is one of my favs and lasts a long while before starting to fade.

005. Models Own Bubblegum - I picked this up in the 50% sale a few months back and am so happy  I did. It's a very apt shade for SS14 and really lifts a boring outfit, it's so bright I feel like Barbie when I wear it. Always a bonus, right?

006. Origins GinZing Moisturiser - Again, another product I don't know how I lived without. This has become a firm favourite moisturiser of mine, and I have tried many. The smell of it. Oh gosh the smell. It makes me want to lick my own cheeks. It makes my skin really radiant in the morning, and makes it look super fresh. It is also a great base for foundation - this with Sheer Glow is a match made in heaven.

007. Garnier Micellar Water - Not quite Bioderma but the best dupe I've used. Doesn't need much explaining, however it takes off make-up super quick and easily and makes my skin really soft and fresh.

Do we share any favourites? What are your March favourites? I am always looking for recommendations! 

09 March 2014

Inglot 281 lilac

 Inglot Lipstick 281 Lilac Inglot lilac ingot lipstick swatchjpg

I had heard about Inglot through the blogging world a while back, and was unbeknown to the fact that they had a store in London's SB Westfield. A few weeks ago I found myself having to kill time wandering around, and found myself among the charm of the Inglot store, they had so many pretty products in real interesting shades; even blue lipstick! I didn't think I could pull of blue lipstick, though; ultimately I am always drawn to purple lip products, and this time was no different. I already had a lilac lipstick from Topshop, which has very nearly run out so I was on the hunt for a new one, and something with slightly more pigmentation. This is where I introduce Inglot shade 281, a creamy - but pigmented - pink toned lilac. For the price (£10) these are great, they're long lasting, not too drying and really quite pigmented. My only qualm is that they have numbers rather than shade names, but I would definitely recommend them; and will - no doubt - find myself back in that store at some point.

Have you tried any Inglot products?

02 March 2014


This post is a little late, however this week has been completely hectic; with starting my new job and being incredible poorly. However, on Monday I attended the #VCSwapShop14, a swapping event hosted by Most Wanted and VoucherCodes.co.uk all with the purpose of saving money and getting the most from your shopping. The event was to show how we could mix new clothes with our existing clothing by swapping our clothes with others. On arrival we handed in the five items we had brought with us and exchanged them for stamps. The clothing was itemised into one, two or three stamps so that we knew what items we could afford. I had 11 stamps in total which gave me a pretty good number to play with.

There were loads of little fun and creative stations set up including: Pinned It! Made It! where we had the opportunity to customise a pair of tights with lots of funky gems and beads; the chance to get our nails done with a fresh lick of polish; Twistina, a balloon twisting lady who was making really awesome hats and wristbands out of balloons, and of course, the obligatory photo booth which myself, Law, Emma and Deborah took full advantage of.

I ended up meeting some really great bloggers, as well as seeing some of my dear blogger friends again; it was a lovely night. Unfortunately half way through I came over all faint and really didn’t feel well so had to go home, however prior to this I managed to grab some lovely new items of clothing. There were cupcakes, cocktails and delish food from Mother Clucker, which I wish I had managed to eat more of. When I got home I realised that in my bag of clothes were a few goodies from the likes of Matalan (A £10 gift voucher), Boden (A purse) and Dorothy Perkins (A lovely necklace), which I forgot to take photographs of.

 VoucherCodes Swap Event VCSwapShop14  photo vouchercodes_zpse41354e6.jpg VoucherCodes Cupcakes photo vouchercodes1_zps16c347e6.jpg PinnedItMadeIt PinnedItMadeIt tights customising Twistina VoucherCodes Flower Balloon Headband Twistina VoucherCodes  Twistina Flower Headband Mother Clucker Food VoucherCodes Photo Booth VCSwapShop14 rails photo VCSwapShop14_zps5c58d21f.jpg VCSwapShop14 MYSWAPS VCSwapShop14 Chloe Platforms

I was really quite pleased with my swaps and I had stamps left over but when I went back the majority had been already snapped up so I just left happy with what I had already found (especially the Chloe platforms which were originally owned by the -ever so lovely- Fleur from VoucherCodes)

It was such a lovely event so thank you for everyone involved, I felt privileged to be invited! I just wish I wasn't so unwell after it.

19 February 2014

The start of something new

 Monki Gemma Dress OOTD midi dress Nars Sheer Glow FOTD Primark heeled Chelsea boots

I finally have a free day to blog and update you on all things going on right now - and also the reason why the blog has been a little quiet- February has already been a crazy (great!) month. 

Valentines day was a day I was dreading, well not quite dreading but it was definitely a day I was ready to eradicate from my Feb schedule. Ironically,  it turned out to be the best day of the year. I first woke to find I had won Charissa's giveaway which was an instant mood booster, and as I went on to read my emails I found myself in a state of shock - a good shock, but nevertheless I was shaking with a huge grin on my face. This turned into a mix of panic and excitement, and then I didn't quite know what to do with myself or who to call. The email was an offer of the most perfect, dream job. I couldn't believe it. For 9 months I had worked so hard and battled with myself to hang on in there after my post-grad blues, and all for this perfect day - it had finally come, I'd finally achieved it! It all happened so fast... I went for an interview last Wednesday and was told my fate on the Friday. I start on Monday as the new Editorial Assistant at DIARY directory. The job is in London (YAY I'M COMING HOME) and so I had to work fast to find somewhere to stay as commuting from my parents wasn't a viable option. Although I haven't found a permanent room yet, I have found a room to rent for a couple of months while I settle in - this also means I have longer to look for somewhere I really want to live (although the house in which I'm staying looks beaut!). 

I would like to take this time to thank the people in my life that kept me going. Without these special people I feared I would give up, but I am so happy that I listened to them and found the strength to persevere - someone told me the day would come when it was time, and I didn't believe it, but it was true. I'd also like to thank all of you for all your lovely comments when I've shown sadness or stress, you really are a great bunch. I hope I am good at the job and I am positive I am going to enjoy it because it's doing the things I love, in an industry I'm passionate about, working with lovely people. 

This was the outfit I wore to my interview so I thought it was fitting with this post; it's also what I am wearing out tonight for dinner with some of my - now ex- colleagues- . It's been a whirlwind week trying to organise everything and say goodbyes to all my loved ones but this is the start of something new and I cannot wait to see where my new journey will take me. I may be a little quiet on here while I get settled but please do bear with me.

Love always xoxo 

08 February 2014

Fondant Fancy Pastels - How to wear Spring!

I was recently challenged by Most Wanted (the lifestyle magazine of VoucherCodes) to compile a few different outfits that fitted with a SS14 trend, and on a budget. Like the girly girl I am - well particularly in the Spring/Summer time - I opted for the Fondant Fancy Pastel trend. I adore pastels. Like seriously adore them. Soft colour palettes suit my English Rose skin more so than brighter hues so I couldn't wait to get stuck in. I was given a budget of £80 to find 3+ items, showing three different looks for three different occasions, showing you how to transition your wardrobe economically into the new season (which we are yet to see many signs of - go away rain!).

I took to the great British high street in Central London to begin my forage for sugary pastels good enough to eat. Primark was a godsend. They had just launched their SS14 collection and I could have gone completely crazy - they had so many lovely bits.

I'd like to apologise for how awful these photos/I look... It took forever to take them due to the miserable weather. After look 1 it literally chucked it down so I then had to wait for it to stop... this went on for a while *stupid British weather* so I ended up looking rather manky and windswept.

VoucherCodes How To Wear SpringBloggers Pastel Style TOP (£6), SKIRT (£10) AND BAG (£9): PRIMARK * | FLATFORMS (£19.80 W/STUDENT DISCOUNT) : ASOS*

The first outfit I put together is probably my favourite. I was instantly drawn to this pleather skirt, I love mint for spring and paired with pink I think it makes the best pastel pairing yet. I would wear this for a picnic in the park with friends once the Spring weather kicks in - a backpack is perfect for carrying some yummy nibbles: think cucumber sandwiches, scones, strawberries and equally pastel macarons - there's even room to fold up a picnic blanket. 


Now this is a casual outfit that I would wear out shopping, the shoes are super comfy so are perfect for running errands. The jumper is so so so cosy, like I just cannot explain how amazing it feels on. It is slightly cropped which isn't so good for my muffin top but paired with some high waisted jeans you're good to go! It adds a good pop of pastel without being too out there. Understated but still ultra-stylish - as well as being a complete bargain!

 Lilac pastel tightsPrimark Heeled Chelsea BootsLEATHER JACKET: PRIMARK | DRESS: MONKI | TIGHTS (£6): ASOS* | BOOTS: PRIMARK

Adding a pop of pastel goodness without looking too summery, because hey, even though it will be Spring it will still probably rain (joys!). I would wear this out in the evening, for dinner and drinks with a few friends, or even with my parents. I'm not sure how I feel about wearing pastel tights... I feel my legs are too chunky monkey for that kind of thing but if you have better legs than me, I think you should definitely go for it - they're a super pretty colour and a pretty simple way to transition an outfit into a new season.

Are you going to be pastel-popping into Spring?

05 February 2014

As January passes


I cannot believe how January has passed already, it's crazy. I have so many things to achieve this year and time -so it seems- is not on my side. I've quit my job and I am ready to start new endeavours, but the plan is very slow moving. I am hunting for work in London like there is no tomorrow but everything seems a little quiet, there is not much about that I am qualified for unfortunately, however I will persevere. I hope February brings some pleasant surprises. 

These are a few of the things I have been loving recently, and throughout January. The Rose Jam shower gel from Lush was a  post Christmas sale purchase and it's been a delight. I love all my shower and bath bits and am very rarely disappointed with Lush's contributions to my stash. The Jo Malone hand cream was a Christmas present from my Mama and it smells divine  I have the cologne to match this too and it's one of those scents which really dominates as we embark into Spring. Lipstick wise, I own a lot, however this Revlon one in Black Cherry has been the one I have reached for most; it's a gorgeous deep berry shade which -like most- are my favourites for this time of year - it's long lasting and -in my opinion- just as good as my Mac alternatives - It has actually stopped me buying Rebel... for now. I get bored with lipsticks easily and am always switching them up for a liptastic revamp. Magazine wise, my latest read has been a gooden, as it always is really. I adore Betty Mag and only dream of working for them one day, which reminds me how I must crack on with pitching some feature ideas to them! I think I have listened to London Grammar's album way over one hundred times since I got it. Their music sums up my music taste perfectly and their songs are ones I will never get bored of; I literally listen to them every morning and every night without fail, as well as having a good ol' sing song in the bath - it's rare for me to find an album where I like every song but with them I just do. I really want to see them when they are on tour, but I need to act fast and find someone to come with me. Currently burning in my room: Yankee's Snowflake Cookie. It may be a Christmas scent but the sugary sweet aromas conjure up nothing but sheer bliss. 

What have you been lovin' recently?

30 January 2014

Models Own 50% Haul


I love a bit of Models Own as much as the next girl, but what I do love is indulging in their 50% sale. Now, I am totally justifying this as necessity purchasing because my nail polish collection was needing a little TLC. Many of my favourite polishes had lost their pigment, or had gone gloopy after years of lovin' so it was time to refresh my collection. The majority of my nail polish collection is Models Own I must confess - it's probably one of my favourite brands simply because I love the colour choice and staying power + their affordable pricing. 

As of tomorrow I am officially -temporarily (I hope!)- unemployed so I couldn't go too polish crazy, but I did pick up some shades I had been lusting after for a while, and shades that my Mam couldn't get hold of around Christmas time. All of them are totes new shades for me, apart from Utopia which is a shade I constantly re-purchase because it's one I wear regularly, so I am excited to give them a test run. I need to paint my nails tonight and I think I am going to go for neon pink as I have a party tomorrow and I think it will give my all black ensemble a nice pop of colour... I am sure some will end up being swatched on the blog soon too! Especially the new HyperGel polishes which I am super excited to try because I've seen only great coverage on them already. 

Did you buy anything in the 50% sale? I know it took me over an hour for my order to go through due to the sheer volume of people trying to access the site. We all love a good ol' bargain don't we?

28 January 2014

Back to floral

UK fashion blogger ASOS floral smock Red Haired Bloggers
Dress: ASOS | Cardigan: H&M | Shoes: Primark

I am so cold that I fear my fingers may snap off by the end of writing this post. I woke up this morning and saw sun, but my gosh I swear it's colder than ever - preparing for snow maybe? A slight change in location in todays post due to it starting to rain just as I stepped outside, and with winds so strong the camera was catching too many glimpses of my underwear, therefore I ventured under my porch. 

I haven't worn these shoes in a while and thought they made a nice change to my usual go-to boots. This dress I bought from ASOS just before Christmas. It's another smock-style which makes me look 6+ months pregnant, however I just love how comfy and easy they are to wear. I feel like I haven't dressed myself in floral print in a while so decided today I would venture back into that part of my wardrobe - it makes a nice change to black I guess! 

I definitely need to be productive tonight and tomorrow since I am off work (I only have two days left at the Post Office woo!) and get back to applying for jobs and things. I think panic mode is going to set in very soon, but I would quite like to enjoy a week or so just chilling out... we'll see! 

I am getting my hair cut and coloured tomorrow hopefully as my split ends are awful and my hair is so uneven it's crazy. Sadly I am going to lose a lot of length but aim to add more layers to give it choppiness and volume. I've also been considering a full fringe again but I'm not sure. I love it for around a week then get fed up with the wind blowing it here there and everywhere, and the general annoyingness that full fringes bring + when I had one before I was a lot thinner and less fat-faced. What do you think? 

26 January 2014

Moody Grey


I received Models Own 'Moody Grey' in my stocking at Christmas and have found it to be my nail colour of choice lately, it almost has a dingy green tint to it in some lights which I actually quite like. It really compliments my more vampy sartorial choices and looks great with some accent nail stickers - which reminds me I need to purchase many more nail decals. I am so lazy with nail art but these are super easy and add that little something extra to any manicure! 

I am so excited for Models Own 50% off sale I find myself getting rather impatient! If you don't like their FB page, you should do so - they need to reach 250000 likes before their sale launches! Each year I fully take advantage of the great discount and revamp my nail varnish collection. There are so many shades I am looking forward to hopefully purchasing, as well as repurchasing already owned loved shades because they're getting rather low and gloopy. I am hoping to get the new Hyper Gel polishes too because they look super pretty and of great quality!

23 January 2014

The tartan shawl

Matalan tartan shawl UK Fashion BloggerBlack Shearling Converse ASOS red hair bloggersShawl: Matalan | Top: H&M | Jeggings: H&M | Shearling Converse: ASOS*

I'm finally on the path to getting my blogging mojo back after a week away. The last week has felt like I have been on a roller coaster that has consequently been stuck on loop. I said I wasn't going to post negatively on here but I actually think it's part positive; the fact that I have finally handed in my notice at work. I wasn't happy and it was heightening my anxiety levels and I knew it was the only way I could fully motivate myself in moving back to London. I know -obviously- it wasn't the best decision financially but hopefully the risk will pay off and I can get a new adventure rolling soon. I have actually applied for Selfridges so I am hoping something comes from that.

But for now, blogging is a nice little distraction from everything going on in my personal life so here's an outfit post of what I wore to work today. I got this shawl for Christmas after seeing it on Charissa's blog and loving it! (I think she pulls it off better than me) It is the perfect thing to throw on when you're not feeling wearing a coat, equally it goes under my coat as an oversized scarf quite nicely. My work is absolutely freezing so it works alternatively as a kind of blanket while I am there. I still haven't gotten over tartan, I still absolutely love it. It really adds something to a rather simple outfit - as seen above where I am dressed pretty much in all black. I don't know what has come over me lately - I have been buying and wearing so much black as opposed to my usual prints. I've rediscovered my love for darker hues this winter and I feel great in black - maybe I am subconsciously tapping into my moodiness, too!

I bought these jeggings the other day as they are perfect for both work and everyday wear, however I am really unsure of their fit. Being on the curvier side I tried on a large and I was so shocked to see they were absolutely massive on me, so I bought a medium; but they're not much better. I also have really short legs in comparison to my body so I find them to gape on the knees even when rolled up. Despite them not being the best fit they are super super comfy and look like jeans - I won't be moaning at their bigness when I eat tons and bloat myself to the size of Australia.