29 March 2012

a weathered penny

Oh golly, isn't the weather beautiful? I have spent the day sunning myself in Epsom park eating doorstep sandwiches and indulging in fruit cider - heavenly. The Tuti Fruiti Brother's cider is my favourite, it's the best beverage in the summer! Knowing I will be working all weekend, inside and away from the sun is a little depressing. I keep making super long shopping lists for when I go shopping. While doing so, I stumbled across an email about Fearne Cotton wearing an amazing necklace from A Weathered Penny, she is one of my biggest style crushes. A Weathered Penny have some seriously lovely jewellery, and you know how I love pretty jewellery (even though I lose all mine, it's deffo time to restock).


  1. I always lose mine as well, so annoying! even though sometimes it mysteriously reappears in a jacket pocket ;)

  2. Wow that skull necklace is lovely! Thank you for the heads up :) xx

    PS. Check out the little Topshop giveaway on my blog :)