26 June 2012

candy stripes

top: h&m, jeans: primark, shoes: topshop, bag: primark, necklace: topshop

I am so tired today, yesterday's trip to central really took it out of me. I went to the American Embassy with my friend to get her visa, which turned into a long 3 hour wait (don't worry I made general chit chat with the older ladies waiting for their kids) and pacing up and down, but I guess it is all good practice for next year. After she was done we did a little bit of retail therapy on Oxford St, although I had little money... actually I had none but kinda went into untouchable funds... oops, terrible aren't I? will have to make it back somehow... prostitution anyone? I kid, I kid. Anyway I needed a new bag and these jeans were something I had wanted for an absolute age! Plus the sales assistant in Primark was a little dippy and ended up under charging me by £5, so I took that as a 'don't feel guilty' sign. 

After shopping we went back to my house (old house now eek!) to clean for the next tenants and bring the rest of my stuff home. It was so not fun having to unpack and sort through loads more things... I thought I bought most of it home but clearly not.

Just going to chill at my godmothers tonight for dinner and help her and my mum list things on ebay... I am the only one with a decent computer (when it decides not to freeze)

Hope you are all well! 



  1. Love the outfit, really nice colours :)
    That necklace is gorgeous too! :)

  2. Oooh, I love these jeans! And your necklace, I need that in my life..

    Mollie xo

  3. Love the jeans, so cool :) The necklace is lovely too x

  4. super cute!!! love the necklace and jeans

    K ❤


  5. love your hair and the jeans!

  6. You look gorgeous1 Love the jeans too x

  7. hey there candy stripes.. loving the soft colours!
    sounds like you've had a busy ole time, and definitely don't feel guilty about your shopping.. after all, like you said, it must have been meant to be if she under charged you!x

  8. Love the jeans! Didn't know you could stripey ones in Primark (my local one is crap!). Been after a pair for ages just thought they were too 'current' to shell out for Motel ones - thanks!

  9. Love the outfit and your hair is gorgeous! You look so ready for spring!

  10. I love the bag and the jeans! Can't believe they're Primark! x

  11. I was too scared to wear pastel striped jeans but they look great on you so I may have to invest now!

    Great blog!

    MJ xoxo


  12. :o these jeans are CRAZY nice!!! Can't believe they're from Primark!
    Love your blog :)


  13. This is so cute. I love all of the pastel colours over your blog! So sweet. I have just entered your giveaway teehee. Check out my blog and we can maybe follow each other?

    Georgi at 7wonders xx
    Twitter @7wondersblog


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