23 June 2012


jeans: bershka, top: matalan, jacket: primark

So it's Saturday... again. Gah all the days are rolling into one with me at the moment, I've just got nothing to do, I spend most of my days tottering around to Fleetwood Mac. Here is what I wore today for a casual trip to Tesco, it's as exciting as it gets! I am off babysitting tonight, a change of scenery will be nice, even if it is just to another house. I ransacked my wardrobe last night and sorted everything out... I came across this coat that I have had hidden a way for a few years and thought it was about time to drag it out again. 

It was Meryl Streep's birthday yesterday, 63... can you believe it? I talk about her like she's my aunt or something... one can dream eh? Like a cool streeper, I spent most of the day watching her movies (can't complain really).

I have spent today researching working in the US next summer for four months, I know a couple of people who have done it this year so I think I might go for it after I graduate. 

I need to think of good topics for my dissertation , even when I having nothing to do I can't motivate myself into academia. Oops. 



  1. Love Meryl, love Fleetwood Mac! And I love this coat! You look gorgeous; I love your makeup!

    (Wow, exclamation marks all over the shop).
    Emily Wears Things

  2. Wow! That jacket is amazing! I love it! xx


  3. Lovely jacket! xx


  4. The blazer is gorgeous! And I too glam up for the supermarket as numerous asda trips for Haribo is about as exciting as my life is at the moment!
    Keep us updated with America, have you been reading Charlottes blog Girl Next Door? She might have some tips


  5. oh hey primark jacket! i love the florals, this best definitely bring out the sun now! here's hoping!
    you should definitely look into working in america.. i didn't do america, but i worked abroad for 4 years on and off, and best experience ever! xx

  6. Love your outfits Jemma, I think I need to take you shopping with me! I wear too many dark clothes xx


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