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I love pick 'n' mix (remember Woolworths? I'd linger around the sweets pinching the odd one while my Mum shopped), I love takeout, so when I was given full reign in the downstairs sweetie heaven of Cybercandy in Covent Garden I got more than a little excited. Pick 'n' mix is cool in itself, but how fricking cool is the take out box to put all your goodies in? you even get a free pair of chopsticks - utter brilliance, don't you agree? I am god awful at eating with chopsticks but I found picking up sweets is strangely a lot easier... and fun! 

There was so much choice and the selection kept with the usual Cybercandy 'foods of the world' theme, it was fantastic. I delved into the hersheys, the reeses and my new addiction; sour patch kids -YUM. 

I understand I look very silly eating sweeties with chopsticks, and please do excuse my naked face and hair up look, but it is such a great, novelty idea; kudos to whoever thought of this!  My friends and I are going to be having the times of our lives with this lil' box. I also stepped out of my American sweet bubble and threw in some European/Scandinavian treats too! The last photo above is just a small selection of what I chose! I crammed it all in... standard right? packing the box is like a mathematics puzzle! 

When you're next in London I urge you to grab a box and go wild! 

Big thanks to the Cybercandy team for being a pleasure, as always.

What would you pack in your box?


  1. Literally always have hearts in my eyes for Cyber Candy. This looks perfect! SO perfect.


  2. I love cyber candy, but seen as I am going to America in 2 weeks I might just save myself some money and get my fav sweeties from there! That takeaway box is so cool though! x

  3. Ooh wow, I've never tried this particular treat from Cybercandy, but I'll definitely be indulging next time I'm in London, especially with such awesome packaging ha xx


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