Liz Earle is a perfect match


I have been searching every brand's soul for a blooming foundation where the lightest shade isn't too dark for my Casper skin, and holy moly I have found one!

Liz Earle's signature foundation is smooth, silky and has a medium coverage, it literally just sinks into the skin. I have the lightest shade which is porcelain and it colour matches me perfectly - It was definitely a relief to try a foundation that not only blended well, but didn't look too yellow in comparison to my neck.

The only qualms I have with the product is that it does cling to your dry matches which I have a lot on and around my nose. This is quite easily reduced when using a good moisturiser or liquid primer before hand, though. Although I am used to high-coverage foundations, I really like the natural finish of this foundation, and when used with a good coverage concealer all flaws are hidden.

I am really impressed with the make-up range from Liz Earle, I will definitely be delving into it further. Considering I usually pay around £28 for a foundation that is a tad dark for me, £21 for this is super reasonable.

A bit of an odd one, but I really like the smell of this product too, it's a strange smell which I can't really put my finger on, anyone else think the same?


  1. OOO I am ghost like so will have to give this a try!
    Also, try Bare Minerals, thats what I use and its great!!! Especially the neutralising primer- great to remove any roseyness (as is the curse of the english rose)

  2. Oh I might have to try this :) As I can never find the right shade either as I'm really pale also!

  3. I've only tried a couple of the samples of Liz Earle foundation. I currently use Bare Minerals and when I tried out the Liz Earle it was weird to use something liquid. I found the texture on my skin a little weird, and it left my face looking a bit wet/dewy I suppose? But I sometimes find the Bare Minerals to be a little drying, so it was interesting to hear your review. xx

  4. ohhh, i may have to give this a try, sounds lush



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