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Rose and Lily Bouquet, Interflora*

I think it is pretty obvious from my blog title that I love flowers, floral print and anything that is particularly flowery. When Interflora emailed and asked me whether I would be interested in receiving a Valentine's bouquet delivered by post I didn't hesitate to say yes. Now I love flowers, but I very much despise Valentine's day. This may be because I have spent many Valentine's days alone, but I have often thought it is pretty overrated anyway, even if I met my prince charming in time for February 14th, I don't think I would buy into all the commercialised garbage. Flowers, however are certainly not garbage, and I think they should be a regular occurrence in a relationship whether there is a day designated to love, or not - I am all for flower gestures.

It was weird when these arrived at my door this morning, even though I knew they weren't from a secret admirer, or indeed my prince charming, they made me smile and the post man didn't have to know that they were a planned gift did he? It's a funny feeling when you've never had flowers sent to you, and I don't think having someone pick you fresh daffodils from the council gardens when you were seven really counts? But yes, they are lovely and they are now proudly sat on a shelf in my bedroom brightening up my surroundings. Interflora have so many wonderful bouquets and Valentine's gifts so if you are looking for something to put a smile on your partners face, I urge you to check them out.

The bouquet I chose is a mix of red roses and lily's, I originally opted for these lovely tulips but these weren't available for delivery in my area, however I am really happy with these, as any girl who loves flowers would be, they're so pretty. Many of the flowers come with an added gift, either a teddy bear or chocolates, the latter applied to my gift - chocolates over stuffed animals any day I say! They even have a few pralines in which are my favourite type of chocolates - I am a happy single girl with flowers. The end.

ps. If any of you fancy sending me a single red rose one day, or even two dozen, go to Interflora!


  1. These are so lovely!
    I got my first bunch of flowers EVER for my birthday from Andrew. But I still think V.day is a load of cheese!
    ashllyd xx

  2. Ahh I hate Valentines Day with a burning passion too, for the same reasons haha. Wish somebody would send me flowers.. even if it is myself/interflora xxx

  3. Simply outdstanding Valentine Day Flowers... Surely the most opportune gifts for loved one..


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