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 photo IMG_4956_zps7a890c2c.jpg  photo IMG_4952_zps913dfb98.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zps6438376a.jpg  photo IMG_4963_zps021f5836.jpgValentine's Love Mix, Cybercandy*
These take-away boxes from Cybercandy are probably my favourite thing they do. The last time I had one I filled it with my American favourites and enjoyed using the chopsticks for novelty eating. For Valetine's day the box has been re-designed containing lots of delicious sweets centred around hearts and pinkness - I love it! How adorable are the heart decorated chopsticks?

Sweets came in the box in a plastic wrapping so I emptied them all into the box and dived straight in. There were love hearts, which are always a classic and I love dishing them out to my friends when I find the appropriate one, jelly bean hearts, haribo hearts and rings, and my utmost favourite: pink heart jazzies!

This would make a great Valentines gift if your loved one loves sweets, accompanied with flowers you are sure to put a smile on their faces! The takeout candy love mix is available to buy online for the reasonable price of £2.69 - but if you're buying one to share with your beau, don't forget to order another, because if you're anything like me, you will want one all to yourself!


  1. I love these! Reviewed them too, I loveeee those hearts, and the little alphabet ones, yumyumyum!! xx

  2. I saw these a while along and thought they were amazing! So so cute, and they're filled with sweets! What more could you want! xxx

  3. such a cool idea! loving your new blog header too it's so pretty :)

  4. ZOMG this is adorable!! I'm single, but might buy one of these for one of my girlfriends, it's so cute! Really decently priced too. x

  5. So cute! I wish my bf would like something like this. Unless they were small pizza's in the box I dont think he would be interested!! Love the blog at the moment, looks so adorable :) x

  6. I wish I had a boyfriend mainly for adorable things like this!


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