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dress, hat and gloves: primark, shirt: charity shop, boots: topshop

I thought I would take my outfit outside tonight, but I wasn't dressed in the appropriate atire to step one foot out of my back garden (if you can call it a garden). The day's of snow men and snow angels are long gone, I love the snow but like to admire it from a far, inside with the heating on with a hot coco, yes I just said coco. I have enjoyed seeing the snow on instagram today, I love how very British it is too get excited over, well, precipitation. It's done its job, though - It has one hundred percent distracted me from my work... well lets face it, it doesn't take much does it?

This is my little Primark number I got the other day while un-intentionally wondering around the Tottenham Court Road store, but isn't it pretty? Dahlia did one just like it, but unfortunately it didn't fit me, and because I wanted a tapestry dress so much I had to face my fears of buying a huge size in Primark. Now I am one of those people who hate dress size numbers, and I am sure I am not alone. Primark sizes annoy me because in some of their clothes I have to literally get the biggest size there, but I refuse to believe I am actually that size in real life. Usually if something doesn't fit me in the size I'd usually wear I would leave and not buy it because it makes me want to slit my wrists. However, I know how unrealistic Primark sizes can be, and due to the size of my annoying breasticles in a dress of this cut it's understandable that I would have an issue with sizing, so with this in mind I decided to ignore the number and buy it anyway - the label will be cut out, though. I also didn't appreciate having to tell the sales assistant the size I needed though, after she refused my want to leave the fitting room to get it myself. I wanted to hang myself off the nearest coat hanger. Humiliation at its best.

Does anyone else have issues with Primark's ridiculous sizing?


  1. I find primark sizes do not flatter my ego too! That dress is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it! Cannot believe it is Primark at all, hope basingstoke have some in stock :) x

  2. I love how you've layred the dress over the white shirt, they looks so lovely together!

  3. Oh I have this dress.. It is so lovely isn't it!!
    Personally, I think sizes are just stupid numbers anyway. I see so many people come into work and refuse to buy something (that they genuinely really like) because of the size. At the end of the day my lady, you're the only one who sees it (and as much as it makes you want to slit your wrists) you look fabulous, so nobody needs to know. And if it upsets you that much, cut the labels out.
    And in all honesty Jemma, nobody would be able to tell that this is the biggest size dress in Primark! At all, only you know that. And anyway, you still look absolutely lovely. NOW BELIEVE ME. snogs. xxxx

    The Littles.

  4. this dress is gorgeous, i thought it was the dahlia version at first! Primark sizes can be quite ridiculous and never consistent so i really wouldn't give it too much look fab anyway :) x

  5. i LOVE your dress, especially layered over the blouse, it's so pretty!

    xo Marlen
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  6. I love dresses this shape, I always find them super flattering. Love how you put the shirt underneath :)

    Karys x

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