a fortnight flies by

pancakes, metallic nails, burrito, lfw shindigs, best water, me and my housemate, pink lipstick, the diner, bath time reading, new mac powder, new product testing, it's nearly easter
I think I may do these posts every two weeks as my addiction to instagram has calmed down dramatically - I know, I know, say whaaaaaa? It hasn't been a very exciting week, it's been a pretty good food week though, I dine out more than a student should, oops! I have got a few product reviews coming up of products I have been buying, there are still quite a few things on my 'to buy' list, but I need to see if my pay will stretch, because I can't be one of those gals who can sacrifice my food shop... obvs!

It's the Oscars tonight, yeyy! I am so excited to see Meryl presenting, as well as all the lovely red-carpet dresses! I cannot believe it's been a whole year since the last ceremony, which was the friggin' best! I need to go stock up on snacks and red bull now to get me through the night - I know I must be mental.

anyone else staying up to watch?


  1. I want to te that Mini eggs choc!

  2. that mac powder is adorable, smother me in it please.. p.s we haven't spoken in like a day? i can't take it any longer, i miss you! xxx

  3. Looks like you had the best last 2 weeks! I mean, pancakes, food and pretty makeup? Sounds like heaven to me!

    -Elodie x


  4. I love that Nivea Primer! Have you tried it? It is soo good! Love the pink lipstick and omg mini eggs make my life x

  5. nutella, and mini egg yoghurts.. I'll be over soon for some of this chocolate heaven xx

    The Little's.


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