fifty little things

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1. I live with three of my best girl friends
2. I have a weakness for buying bed sheets
3. long island ice tea is my favourite cocktail
4. eminem is my guilty pleasure
5. I have never had a crush on a boyband, I missed that 'stage'
6. when I was young, I was instead obsessed with the osbournes and have met sharon and kelly
7. I have seen every meryl streep movie, and there's lots of them
8. I have a slight obsession with older people
9. I have met meryl streep 
10. I like melting chocolate and mixing it with cereal
11. I quite like being on my own 
12. I still have my nan's ashes after 14 years
13. freesias are my favourite flowers
14. I love florals, floral print everything
15. red velvet cupcakes are my favourite thing to bake
16. I love sixties music
17. I went to San Francisco and didn't want to come home
18. I am never content with my life
19. I always wave my arms when I talk
20. I think mental health issues are important and feel very strongly about the issue
21. I can recite 75% of the dialogue of mamma mia
22. the bridges of madison county is my favourite film
23. I cry every time someone on tv cries
24. I have wanted a baby since I was fifteen
25. when I go shopping I am always caught looking at baby clothes
26. I am slightly obscure, can you tell?
27. I go into abercrombie and hollister for the smell
28. I have never been to a proper concert
29. but I have been in the audience of lots of tv shows
30. I have met lots of my good friends online
31. I don't want to marry, but if I do I want them to be American
32. I want to own my nan's old cottage one day
33. I have interned at grazia 
34. Regina Spektor is one of my favourite singers
35. I have one tattoo of a swallow on my foot, I have planned at least three more
36. I used to have my belly and nose pierced
37. I still have a hole in my belly from said piercing
38. I drink too much diet coke, considering I say I hate it
39. I really wish I liked coffee
40. homemade pink lemonade is lovely
41. I wanted to be an actress but I chickened out of stage school
42. I've auditioned for a pantomime
43. I say the oddest things but enjoy making my friends laugh
44. I am incredibly lazy
45. I have curvature of the spine
46. cheese is my favourite food
47. I used to have conversations with kaley cuoco on myspace before she was famous 
48. I hate clubbing
49. I currently work for dahlia
50. I have probably bored you half to death, I'm sorry


  1. Aww you lovely girl :) I am fascinated by number 10 xo

  2. I love these posts :) x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  3. Really enjoyed reading this :)

    Also how did you make the photo into a hear? Looks lovely :) x


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