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 photo IMG_5107_zps7a7cf36b.jpg Photo of Mac Girl About Town Lipstick A swatch of Girl About Town Lipstick

I have quite a modest amount of make-up, but what I do have is a lot of lipsticks, well... I say a lot, compared to some bloggers my collection is minute. I am really trying to build up my collection of Mac lipsticks because I love them and there are so many on my 'to buy' list. While sorting out my collection I discovered that the majority of my lip products are shades of purple, and as much as I love them, and they suit me, I felt I needed more of a selection. I have wanted a bright pink for ages, literally ages and usually find myself stealing my housemate's, thus I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy one. Now I was tempted by a Kate Moss pink shade, but went for one that I have admired on other people for a long time: girl about town. 

I am quite pale so find that blue based pink lipsticks suit me a lot better, and this shade is gorgeous! This is my first amplified finish lipstick and I now want more because the consistency is ultra creamy and just, well, lovely? It's so smooth on my lips and actually feels quite moisturising. I did need to re-apply after eating and drinking a whole bottle of coke, but maybe that is because I haven't quite mastered the 'lipstick etiquette' yet... despite this I am really happy with it and even when it fades it leaves a nice pink stain on my lips, which when they are not really dry and chapped, actually looks quite nice. 

Do you own this lippy? I believe it's one of Mac's famous shades, non? 


  1. I've recently bought this but haven't actually got it out yet, being a beauty blogger I've got to photograph it first ;) I've got something like 30 MAC lipsticks now and I'm literally obsessed... I've still got loads on my 'to buy' list too, will I ever stop?! This looks lovely on you, especially with your hair colour. Great post!
    Rebecca-Louise -

  2. Still haven't purchased a Mac lipstick yet despite being desperate to try them out. You look lovely :) xxx

  3. I love this colour, this shade is both fun and fabulous darling!

    Eda x

  4. I've seen so many posts on this lipstick! I really need to buy. I love it on you, suits you so much. I'm afraid that it might make me look even more pale though :/ xo

  5. I hear loads about this lipstick :) it looks great on you!

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

  6. This looks amazing on you! Now I want to try it! :) x


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