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'Veronica Blush' Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder: £21.50 from Selfridges 

From the packaging I would say I look more like Archie than either of the girls, but hey ho what can one do? I love Mac's latest collection and got extremely excited when I saw the products available, thus I hurried to Selfridges as quickly as possible. I can't say many of the limited edition products have stood out to me before, so I don't know what was different this time, maybe the retro theme? As soon as I saw this pearlmatte face powder I knew It needed to be mine.

The powder came in two different shades 'flatter me' which was part of Betty's line, and the one I chose, 'veronicas blush'. Flatter me is more of a coral shade, which I think is better for more olive skin tones, veronicas blush has a pearly pink base with deeper pink hearts which I find suits my pale complexion a lot better. It's very sheeny and I find you need to do quite a bit of a swirl in the palette to get enough powder for it to really show, however I find it absolutely gorgeous. It can be used as a blush, highlighter or even eyeshadow, but I think I will use it as an all-round blush - it really is as pretty on the skin as it is in the compact.

I was after the  'daddy's little girl' lipstick too, however they were sold out at the time of purchase, maybe I shall check all the other Mac stores soon!

Have you delved into the Archie's Girls collection? if so what did you buy?


  1. This packaging is so gorgeous, I'm very tempted to pick up something from the collection! - I wish I wasn't so easily dragged in by packaging though, I already own so many blushers! xx

  2. I have this to & I love it! I was after daddys little girl and it had sold out in my debenhams! Boooooo xox

  3. The packaging is so cool, and you look really great!

  4. this is so so pretty. i love how retro the packaging is, and how the product has many uses!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  5. ah love! want to try this <3

  6. Want this so much. I'm not generally a MAC fan, but this whole range is just super cool. By the way, not seen your blog before, I think it's adorable! Will be keeping an eye on it now.

  7. This is the cutest range, i love the packaging so much! x

  8. WOW that is cute!! You look very pretty too xxx

  9. Need in my life! Beautiful

  10. You look great - very pretty :) I chose two things from the collection and the posts will be up soon so make sure to keep checking my blog :)

    I agree with you about this one standing out :)

    check out my blog; and it would be great if you want to follow each other xx


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