no cats were harmed in making this tee

 photo IMG_5014_zps436b0940.jpg  photo IMG_5016_zpsfe4fbc0b.jpg  photo IMG_5020_zps35f70d84.jpg
top and disco leggings: primark, socks: topshop, boots: asos

cats cats cats cats! I reckon' I will probably be a crazy cat lady when I'm older, I love 'em! When I saw this in the shop I knew I had to have it, isn't the kitty super super cute? This is definitely a feel-good top! My hair was in a right state today so please excuse that - eugh so not pretty and I'm still not sure how I feel about my new leggings, I feel you need to have super skinny pins to wear them :/ !

 I have so much to be getting on with work wise, but lack of imagination is really making me hit a brick wall - it is the worst feeling ever and I can't stop getting frustrated with myself.

In other news, I got a tattoo today, it's going to have to have its own blog post tomorrow, though so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. You look great! That tee is brilliant! Love it! xxx

  2. I love the top, I have a cat ootd coming soon. Wish I'd came up with that name! x

  3. I am starting to have so much clothing etc with cats on I think it is becoming a collection? We can be old cat ladies together :) x

  4. wow well done Primark!! Love the top and the cute socks peeking out ! x

  5. You look great in your leggings, definitely keep them :-) Love the cute socks and ankle boots combo too!
    Lianne x

  6. That is such a cute top! I also love how you've added the pop of colour with your socks! I never think of pairing pretty socks like that with ankle boots.

  7. arghhh i love this top. it suits you so much too! and those socks are adorable. i want! xx

    The Littles.

  8. I love that top! cats seem to be all over clothes at the minute.

    i just followed your blog through bloglovin and would love it if you could follow me. lost all my followers changing to wordpress


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