all dressed up with nowhere to go

i'm feeling sad over the fact that i haven't had time to blog recently, i have been all over the shop. as many may know i am in my third year at uni and i am making a magazine for my final major project. it is all about cliches and i wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of one of the editorials which is based on the cliche 'all dressed up with nowhere to go'. i spent the day styling, my gorgeous house mate and friend spent the day modelling, and the beautiful lily spent the day photographing. amongst this we all spent the day eating cake, drinking tea and laughing, usually at my expense - as well as playing dress up with gorgeous crown and glory goodies.  in between this project i have been working and interning at company for a week, which has been great, but i am now completely and utterly exhausted. roll on monday for my lie in, and then que a solid week of writing. i am very excited to go home during the easter break to see my family and friends, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at220528_zps35ebf59e.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at220550_zps55943a77.png
lily is so beautiful and talented, and these photographs make me miss her, i can't wait to make our living plans a reality - in 2014 we hope to live together in a cute little london flat filled with baking aromas, pretty bunting and an array of fruit teas, oh not forgetting the cats, ariel and flounder.


  1. eee, it's so nice see it all come together! love you future house buddy <3

  2. this is really amazing, very chic and fresh. i love it :) i know what you mean about wanting to blog but uni pressues getting in the way, im in 2nd year and i have so much to do!

    new follower on GFC annd bloglovin, love your blog xxx

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! From these your magazine seems like it's gonna be awesome! xxx

  4. It's looking so beautiful, nice job on the styling :)


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