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My new favourite nail polishes? it's possible. After seeing these on so many blogs I decided It was about time to jump on the bandwagon, It's got to be cheaper than getting Gel nails put on, right?

The Barry M gelly nail polishes are meant to emulate that of a gel manicure, they are super glossy and aren't meant to chip easily... so far so good, I have had mine on for over 24 hours and no chip yet which is a record for me.  I had been looking for a lovely shade of light blue for quite some time so I picked up 'blueberry' to try. It's gorgeous, however has a slight purple tinge to it, almost like lavender. I still love it though, it looks super summery on and was a perfect addition to my very spring-time ensemble that I wore today.

I also picked up 'grapefruit' which is a gorgeous pink colour. Have you bought into these polishes yet? they're definitely a gooden and there are deals on them in booth boots and superdrug right now.


  1. I brought the 'blueberry' gelly nail polish at the weekend, I love the colour, but sadly due to work its chipped loads, still love it though x

  2. Ooh, i'mma get on it, they look awesome!

  3. Looks lovely, I really like the blue! I have the Dragon Fruit Gelly, but haven't tried it out yet, really wish I went for this one now

  4. Aaaah its so lovely! Need to pick up one or two from this range it's been tempting me for too long x

    Revamped my blog!

  5. Such a summery colour, ideal for brightening up these gloomy English days!

    // xx

  6. This is a really pretty soft blue. I like BarryM Gelly Shines.

  7. That blue is really pretty! I love the effect of gel nail polish, SO much more than the horrible matte colours. xxx

  8. I'm a new follower to your blog, it is absolute perfection!
    I've got this polish, it's so lovely isn't it :)
    Chloe xxxx

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