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dress: kiss me quick boutique, boots: asos

This is my new dress, isn't it ever so pretty? I had one very similar last summer which I wore to death and sadly after a fair few months it's life ended and holes after holes started appearing, I was so upset because it was by far my favourite day dress, thus I was elated to find one very similar recently. Kiss Me Quick Boutique is a website that sells second-hand thrifty and vintage items, I first discovered this site many years ago after searching for a new winter coat. I still have that coat today and it is still one of my favourites. I very rarely buy anything online because I never know if it will fit me, I don't think I have a dress size because measurements change from shop to shop. Thankfully both of the dresses I bought fitted perfectly, and the best thing? they're both floral and were complete and utter bargains. I think this dress turned out to be £11 as they were having a 20% off dresses all last weekend. 
I love the bib collar too, oh so very me. I am such a cliche. 

The weather in London has been glorious today so I decided to procrastinate further over work and take a late morning stroll into town with my housemate. We went for a light lunch and went shopping for essentials. Yes I call Barry M Gelly nail polishes essentials ;) Talking of said nail polishes, they are super pretty and I can't wait to feature them on here to show you... I know they are doing their rounds in the blog world, but hey ho what can a girl do?

Now I really must get back to my work, somehow I am meant to be producing a whole magazine...


  1. You look wonderful! That dress really is lovely, the pattern is gorgeous! And it looks great on you! xxx

  2. what a bargain, the dress is lovely :) I'll be visiting the shop! xx

  3. I love this outfit it's lovely! The dress is so pretty, definitely need to check this shop out!

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  4. I love this ,such a lovely dress!

  5. Love this pretty dress, the collar is so cute.

  6. This is really cute - perfect floral etiquette dress I reckon ;) xx


  7. This is so cute :) Those boots look like a great staple actually xo


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