Birthday wishlist

I am 21 in ten days, but i don't feel very excited about it. Maybe that is because I have a million and one things to do to get this project done by deadline, or maybe I am not that fussed because, after all, I am just another year older. I don't know what I want really, other than a trip to New York at some point during the summer, or a kitten (but that's not going to happen)... however I have compiled a little selection of what's been taking my fancy recently and would be dream presents in a perfect world.

 photo birthdat_zps83759b73.jpg
001: Vivienne Westwood Watch - Selfridges
002: Vivienne Westwood Conduit Street Ring
003: Cath Kidston Letter Set and Sticker/Label Book
004: Crown and Glory Whole Lotta Rosie Headband
005: Canon 50mm Lens - Argos
006: Yankee Candle in Strawberry Buttercream
007: Acrylic Make-up Storage: Muji/Amazon
008: Mulberry Del Rey
009: Floral Converse - ASOS
010: Plane ticket to NYC... Virgin! 

Maybe I will just buy it all for myself, whatcha reckon?


  1. I think that's totally ok! :)

  2. Hope you have an amazing birthday x

  3. Love the Converse :) Have an amazing birthday xo

  4. Those shoes are amazing! Have you seen the floral print converse brogues available at the moment? I'm completely in love with them and really want a pair but can't find my size anywhere! XX

  5. I'm so into acyrlic muji storage at the minute, my room is full of it!

    I'm giving away an iPad Mini –


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