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photos c/o lily f mason

I have been meaning to share my final major project with you for a while now, it seems like forever ago I was working on it, and although sick of the sight of the pesky thing I am happy with what I achieved. Blood, sweat and many tears went into the making of this magazine, but I would go back and do it all again in a heartbeat, funnily enough I really enjoyed staying at university for a full week doing all-nighters with all my friends going through the same thing. If you hadn't guessed already, my magazine concept was all about clichés that lead me to looking into overhyped products and the psyche of a cliché, and what makes them so. Furthermore I concentrated on forecasting the next 'new' thing that was presaged to be part of the next generation of clichés. I worked with some gifted creatives during this project, including of course, my lovely friend Lily who was my photographer (she even took the ones above for me, isn't she just a darling?) as well as Philippa and Jaymie who did some beautiful illustrations. I was also lucky enough to snag two of my lovely friends to be my models, they worked really hard and probably didn't enjoy being bossed around by me, but I did provide lots of cake, which is the main thing right? As I now look at Cliché, or give it a read, I cannot actually believe I produced it. I really did give all of myself to that project and seeing it printed so perfectly on gorgeous matte paper still makes me feel slightly proud (even when part of me hates it). I think my favourite thing about the project was laying it all out. I absolutely love playing around with Photoshop and InDesign while making everything look pretty, it was meant to look sickly sweet and I think I achieved the look quite well. 

What do you think? You can also see the whole magazine and read it here


  1. I loved reading cliché. It wasn't just pretty pictures (which were very pretty), but was actually really interesting (and fun) to read!


  2. Oh my gosh, Jem!! This looks SO beautiful, congratulations on making such a gorgeous mag. I used PhotoShop to edit my photos but am not massively skilled and I am always so impressed when people produce the most amazing creations. Is there a way we can read cliche or do you have any plans to put up any articles on your blog or anything? From the looks of the pictures on the "10 cliches" pages looks like you've got them spot on. Well done again on what looks like a great project XXX

  3. jem, you know how much i love it! it's perfectly written. i hope you go on to write may pieces similar to cliche as it's such a good style of writing you don't find regularly!

  4. Oh my lord it's fantastic. You should be so so proud of yourself! Wish I could do this as part of my degree or even for fun! Wouldn't know where to start! Any chance I can get a copy? ;)

  5. Hello, thank you for your comment on my blog, it really does mean alot and every comment is as touching as my post :)

    wanted to say i LOVE this! well done, what is your degree in? I studied graphic design so i feel all the blood sweat and tears put into this! well i think it looks incredible and you did a wicked job!! I also did a post on my major project if you wanted to take a peep...

    Thanks again for commenting and haring your fantastic blog! Cant seem to find your twitter?



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