Lime Crime


Lime Crime make-up is something I have discovered very recently, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I am obsessed with bright lips, I would much rather have a naked eye and have lipstick on than the other way around. Lime Crime make-up is unfortunately American, which means it's not as easy (or cheap) to track down if you're from the UK, however after a little digging I was happy to find out that you can purchase the collection from Love Makeup. Although the brand have some great eye colours, I cannot help atatching myself to the Candyfuture lipsticks. I think, just from the picture above, you'd all agree with me, oui? In the US these little beauties retail for around $16, and £11.50 in the UK which isn't so bad when compared to the likes of MAC. I am quite out there when it comes to some of my fashion choices, I love bold colours and patterns and these products harmonise with that quite well. The above shades are my favourite, and yes I genuinely think I could pull off bubblegum blue lips. I already have a lilac lipstick from Topshop, however it has really seen better days so a new, super pigmented lipstick would go down a treat right now. When I get some pennies saved I think I am definitely going to give Lime Crime a go. They even have another shade of purple with 'unicorn' in the name, I think that's sold me already. 

Have any of you come across, or tried this brand? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. I love the blue lipstick but not sure if it would suit more or if I'd be brave dnough to try it x

  2. Suit me* or brave enough, what is wrong with this keyboard!

  3. I would love the last two colours! I'm really into purple at the moment :)

  4. I've heard some really weird things that I didn't quite understand about limecrime. Like 'scandalous' things. I haven't really read much on it, but I think I'll look further into it. I haven't tried it, but apparently there's a bunch of bloggers with a lot to say about it.

    1. oh really? I am going to have to have a look into it now, too!


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