Well Walk Tea Rooms Cheltenham

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One of my Cheltenham adventures consisted of dining at Well Walk Tea Rooms where Lily and I gorged ourselves with a lovely afternoon tea, resulting in a very big scone baby afterwards. Sipping on ice tea and taking many a picture of the lovely vintage decor we became intrigued by all the lovely trinkets that surrounded us. We chatted, we laughed and most importantly, we filled our bellies! It really was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Well Walk has four levels, we sat on the entrance floor where each table was laid to perfection with intricately patterned china and sweet sugary aromas, however we felt it was necessary to explore the other three levels too. The second floor is an extension of the first, with many more antiques decorating the shelves, as well as cosy corner tables with padded benches. The third was a floor dedicated to old trinkets and antiques. There were rails of old vintage fabrics and an expected musky scent- everything was laid out beautifully on fine cloth and wood; it was perfect. Downstairs displayed a vintage Christmas and an array of Christmas decorations, this floor also sold little trinkets like the china boxes seen above!

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Cheltenham I definitely advise you check out Well Walk, it really is beautiful and the scones, well they were absolutely divine!


  1. This place looks so so lovely! And the food looks divine! If I'm ever in the area I'm definitely going to have to check it out! xxx


  2. What a cute place for a girly catch up. I can never resist a scone & a cup of tea.
    Lovely photos

  3. This place looks so cute, anywhere with macaroons and pretty teacups is good with me :D x


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