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Over the past weekend I have been in London with my fav gal Lily and I bought quite a few little bits that I wanted to share. I have been literally dying to go shopping for quite some time as I needed new skincare bits and some AW staples. I had already bought my winter coat, which I am sure to photograph myself in soon, but these are just a few other bits I felt were necessary. I still need a few more bits like knitwear and basic tees, and I am also dying for a tartan dress which I think I will order from Vintage Style Me next payday, because I am a lot poorer than I originally thought I was.

 photo haul4_zpsde007855.jpg

Clothing wise, I didn't actually purchase much because I find clothes shopping extremely stressful at the moment because everything I fall in love with just doesn't fit me, or look good with my shape and Oxford Street on a Saturday isn't particularly stress-free! The top is from Monki, and I already have it in grey. I really love the flower cut out shapes around the neckline and top sleeve and decided that it was such a great basic staple that I needed it in every colour; unfortunately the black was sold out in store so I could only get the white but it is so easy and slouchy to throw on. Both trousers and shoes are from Primark and were both purchases I set out to get. After seeing these trousers worn by Lily Melrose I knew I had to try them on. I really like the texture and colour of these, and was quite surprised to see that a tapered trouser didn't look totally awful on me, which makes a change! The shoes I had been after for a while, originally in black, but I wasn't once of the lucky ones to find a pair in my size before they totally sold out, so I had to settle with the taupe version - I still love them nonetheless.

 photo haul6_zpsd7dfbb58.jpg

Okay, I conformed to the grungy looking, cut-out boot cliche! There. I said it. I did vow I wouldn't, but I couldn't resist. These particular boots are from New Look, which price wise, are an absolute steal in comparison to Topshop. Although I am a true floral, girly princess (yes, I am, don't laugh) I really wanted to add a bit of grunge into my AW wardrobe as I do dress quite differently in the latter months of the year in comparison to the summer months. I really like the idea of wearing girly dresses with these type of boots, let's just say I diggggg that vibe.

 photo haul3_zps19f34b10.jpg

Next was a trip to Boots and Zest pharmacy (which I love by the way and if you haven't visited, you should! It's on Broadwick street in Soho) where I just bought some essentials. My Avene Micellar cleanser had just run out so I knew it was the time to try the infamous Bioderma, I am so impressed so far. My skin is terribly dry (although I do get a few hormonal breakouts) so I bought the one for dehydrated skin. Lucy also recommended I try the Oilatum natural repair face cream because I needed something that would hydrate but wasn't too thick, this is because I find thick creams break me out even more. The last product I wanted to try to speed up the re-hydration process was Origins 'Drink Up' intensive mask, another cult product amongst most beauty bloggers. I didn't want to buy the full size until I knew it helped, first impressions are good, and I adore the smell. I actually went in to buy Ginzing but I was told that it wasn't the greatest for dry skin sufferers, so maybe I will get that when I can afford it and use it alongside a more hydrating moisturiser. I also bought Seventeen's 'Phwoarr Paint' because I suffer from bad dark circles and I wanted another concealer to use alongside my Collection Lasting Perfection. The last beauty related purchase was the blush brush from Real Techniques, my old blush brush was tattered to near death so it was a great pleasure to finally throw it away.

 Lula Magazine Issue 17
 photo haul2_zpsb68643c6.jpg photo haul1_zpsabccc756.jpg
Other miscellaneous purchases included the latest issue of Lula Magazine, Frankie Journal , fabric deco tape (Selfridges) and the cutest cat iPhone case (Primark).

I've still got the shopping bug and am dying for some more money to miraculously appear in my account so that I can tick more things off my wish-list! 


  1. Woah.. I can't get over those boots being from New Look. They're awesome.. I love mixing pretty floral prints with a bit of beef (Well, you know.. Boots) and those boots look like the perfect place to start.



  2. I wouldn't have guessed those shoes were primark, they're so so lovely! x

  3. I can't believe the little primark shoes! so effing cute xx


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