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Meet Jasper. He's my four month old baby and I love him. I finally received my 50mm lens today which has made me a very happy girl. I had forgotten how much I really liked taking and editing photographs so it's great to get started again! I am going to try my very first outfit shoot tomorrow, see how that turns out! I really wish I had got my lens sooner, especially because it would have been great to capture Jasper when he was little; he has grown so much so quickly. He's currently asleep on my bed which is naughty because my Mum doesn't approve of cats in bedrooms! Say whaaaaa?! The whole point of a kitty is to replace that boyfriend-less hole and give you snuggles all the time, isn't it? He was really interested in all the camera clicks so he kept waking up to see what I was doing, and then in true cat style went straight back to sleep. Bless his lil' paws. I love cats, cats over boys any day of the week! Please share any cute posts you've included your kitty in, I would love to see! Cats are like children after all and I know I am going to be that kind of mother who takes millions of photographs of her baby to show off. I know, I know you want to kill me now I've said that. Anyway have a lovely day. I have got to apply for jobbie doodahs now because I do really want to be properly employed soon!


  1. oh my gosh - he is beautiful! xxx

  2. Lovelyyyyy xxxx


  3. Aww Jasper is so cute! <3 grey cats are lovely. I have a boyfriend and a cat, but obviously the cat wins over the boyfriend any day! (and sleeps between us in bed <3 ) x


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