This week I have loved #3

 Maltesers Hot Chocolate ChokaBlok Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Dipper

Since I'm not one for coffee, I see myself as a bit of a hot chocolate aficionado. Winter, of course, is the perfect opportunity to indulge, and Costa's gingerbread hot chocolate with marshmallows is my usual go to for an instant fix. This week though, I have been loving making my own at home and Maltesers hot chocolate has been my flavour of choice, it's so super yummy and smells instantly of the chocolate, which I suppose is to be expected. It bubbled and frothed slightly and there was that very slight hint of malted honeycomb! I've also stumbled across a new product (well I don't know if its totally new, but it is for me) to enhance the cocoa treat: ChokaBlok's Big Rocky Road dipper. I was always a fan of the chocolate sticks I used to get in my Whitards hot chocolate set at Christmas, so this was a great find. There were two (out of the 4) flavours in my local Tesco, a white chocolate cookie blok and the infamous rocky road. I opted for the latter, and it was delicious! I swirled it around and ate melted marshmallow off it, before it slid off the stick and dropped into the cup. The stick is a spoon which was very handy for weirdos like me who drink their drinks off a spoon! It added an extra shot of chocolate flavour and I soon saw the little decorations of marshmallow float around on the slight froth - it was the perfect Sunday treat.

Have you tried ChokaBlok's big dippers?


  1. ooh this looks yummy! I'm not a huge hot chocolate person myself (we're the opposite!) I'd use this in a coffee for a kind of mocha taste :)

  2. it looks yummy mmmm

    pls like my page xx

  3. Oh wow this looks absolutely beautiful :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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