Trick or Treat?

 photo HalloweenDeadDolly1_zpsac756b26.jpgDress: Boohoo Shoes: Office Wig: Wilkos Flower Headband: Primark

Did anyone used to say 'trickle treat?' when they were younger? For years and years that is what I genuinely thought it was. Come on, I know I wasn't the only dumb girl dressed in a bin bag out on the street beggin' for sweets spinning that line! Anyway, I am sorry for the awful quality of these photos, phone photographs at night are so grainy. This is what I wore for Halloween last night while taking my brother and sister out trick or treating. I was quite impressed by it actually because I wasn't planning on going out, or dressing up at all but when I got home from work I had the urge. I guess the dead dolly look was my inspo, like many this year, however I gave it a little 'me' twist by adding some flowers and convincing people I was, in fact, a dead flower child. I don't even think that's a thing? No, probably not. I got lots of compliments on the make-up nonetheless - My mum paints faces at parties sometimes so I well and truly foraged through her face painting kit! 

'The clock strikes midnight and Halloween is over. Then BAM, Christmas!' Pretty much sums it up eh?


  1. Treat :) xxx Love your Halloween make up :)


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  2. Amazing outfit!!
    Adela x

  3. aww it's so sweet that you thought it was trickle treat and your make up is amazing, very creepy! x


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