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This week it's not an item of clothing nor a beauty product, this week is all about one simple place: London. I go back to visit my favourite city and friends about once a month. I make sure at least 1/4 of my pay check each month is put a side and designated to hopping on the train for a weekend away. London is my escape, it is somewhere I can forget about my week and feel happy, it's a place I hold firmly in a bubble. I try and visit as many people as I can in a short amount of time and indulge in a selection of my favourite London destinations before I have to make the sad departure home. Due to work being pretty hectic during this time of year, I didn't get to spend as long in the city this month. I went up after work on Thursday and came back Friday night. The time always flies but I had the best time and am already counting down until my next visit.

Thursday night I went to the Motel Christmas party with Lily. Last years party was a riveting success and so I had high hopes for this event. I was quite saddened that a few of my blogger pals couldn't make it, but I did get to catch up with some other bloggers whom of which I hadn't seen in at least a year. Although it didn't top last year's shenanigans it was a nice night out so I thought I would show you some of my photos from the event ( a very picture heavy post ) as well as some picturesque London shots for good measure. Motel's upcoming collection is ever so lovely, especially in the print department, and they've got a lot of beautiful items that live up to Motel's traditional sequin sparkle - perfect for the looming party season! I have my eye on quite a few bits, especially their kimono style blazers! I sipped on cocktails and indulged fully in their instant-photo machine (which printed out any Instagram photo you took with their #motelrockschristmas hash-tag) Isn't technology blooming marvellous these days? There were hair, beauty and nail stations in which me and Lily waited forever for, but sadly missed out due to lack of time. This was slightly upsetting and frustrating as I was dying for my nails to be done by Illustrated Nails. Never mind....The event was held in Prof Green's club INK in Leister Square. The room was a little on the small side but had rather swanky interior as well as some great urban wall art so you should deffo take a peak if you're planning a night out in London! 

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  1. It looks and sounds like you had an a amazing time Jemma! Those Patty and Bun burgers look incredible! x

  2. I love colors.. Also these foods look really yummy :) xxx



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