The lenses, by Leith Clark

Now anyone who knows me -or is a follower of my blog- will know how much I loved Lula Magazine (RIP!) and how much I still do love Leith Clark. With this in mind you can imagine how excited I was to read a press release that informed me of her collaboration with US eyeglasses brand Warby Parker. I instantly knew it was going to be one dreamy collection and after waiting in anticipation to see the editorial images, it was when they finally came through that I sat at my computer screen staring at the wonderful sixties-inspired shoot that infused utterly whimsical eyewear!

I have always been one of those weird people who yearned for glasses, alas I never needed them- this was until I started driving and even then I had such a small prescription, but oh my the joy I felt when I finally got to wear a pair of glasses that weren't clear frames - it was magical. What excites me about this collaboration most -other than the whimsical designs of the frames- is the names of them. They have been given names that I could see myself naming my children after:  Marva, Greta, Aurora, Wednesday and Willow - perfect , right?  All these designs are available as sunglasses too which is just fabulous! They are said to be inspired by  smart-looking and smart-thinking individuals who are ultra-ladylike and spirited. Something I may -arguably- not be, but I need want them anyway... they're just  toooooo dreamy.

 photo LeithClark-ZoeKazan2_zpsd4559152.jpg

' I like the 1960s, librarians, nerdy girls. I like glasses you had when you were a kid-or that your dad wore when you were a kid- and wearing them now. I like Bergman. Big thick glasses on a little, tiny face. When there are etchings or engravings or magically-made materials. I like pearls, brass, opera glasses. Everything being all violet. I like seeing the world with a pretty pink tint to it. ' - LC

 photo wednesdaysun-auroraoptical_zps67659eb9.jpg  photo marva-optical-cobalt-leaf_zpsa1235973.jpg photo marva-optical-cobalt-leaf-top_zps4c0f5866.jpg

The Marva Colbalt leaf are one of my favourites from the collection; the subtle eyebrow-arched round lenses are really quite something, and the gorgeous colour is something I am convinced will accentuate the colouring of my hair! Yes. Definitely sold.

 photo aurora-optical-daughter-of-pearl_zps4fb52ddd.jpg photo aurora-optical-daughter-of-pearl-top_zps2a7afbfc.jpg

I need these purely for their name: Aurora Daughter of Pearl - I mean come on now, what aspiring princess wouldn't want to own them? Their marbled acetate and rimless lenses emphasise nothing but vintage charm.

 photo greta-sun-crystal_zps901f2ae6.jpg

What really is great about this collection is that for each pair sold, a pair will also be donated to someone in need as well as a percentage of the sale going to the 'Girl Up' charity - a United Nations Foundation which is a campaign mobilising American girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities. 

Being British it's a shame I will miss out on eyeing up these beauties in store, but thankfully they are available online (and do take note of the great exchange rate at the moment) for $145. 

Were you a fan of Lula? I really do feel like these images would have sat perfectly within the magazine. I am still considerably in Lula mourning. 


  1. These are all lovely, the first blue ones are definitely my favourite! x

  2. I love the blue ones! I'm pretty sure I had a very similar pair when I was about 5!! I was one of those who wore glasses from an early age so I'm super happy to wear lenses now! x

  3. love last one!! great colors .. xx



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