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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled into my local Topshop and was super excited to see a stand full of lipsticks -along with a small selection of other Topshop make-up- calling for me from the front of the store. I used to work for Topshop in my town, and for a long time we only had a small nail varnish stand, so this has thoroughly made me happy; however it is rather bad for my dear little purse. I have wanted a new red lipstick for a while but since I haven't been able to get to a Mac store to swatch the ones on my list, I thought I would give the good ol' British high street a chance in wooing me into a purchase!

This was the only bright red shade they had that seemed to be slightly blue based, the others were too orange for my skin tone or just weren't the tone of red I was after. The shade is called 'Trigger' and it actually looks quite dark in the bullet so I was a lil' surprised to see it coming out quite bright, but then I am very pale so I guess it's not that difficult. The lippy has a lovely velvet finish but is so easily applied with the usual Topshop creamy formula. I also haven't found it drying like some matte lipsticks are, however I do make sure my lips are fully moisturised beforehand.  

It also lasts for quite a good period of time, however bleeds ever so slightly so I am now in desperate need of a similar shade lipliner. Again, I am impressed with Trigger like I am with all my other Topshop lipsticks and I fully believe they're a great alternative to the likes of Mac. 

Have you tried Trigger yet? 

PS. I'm not sure if you can tell but the magazine in these photographs is the November issue of Pure Beauty Magazine which features Lauren, Islay and I talking about our favourite AW beauty products. I know it is now December but I haven't shared it with you yet so thought I would add it in to this. 


  1. That shade looks wonderful on you! x

  2. Nice color.. Love it...


  3. Gorgeous shade! Topshop have some lovely makeup x

  4. Do you have any advice as to where I can get this lipstick? It's sold out. I couldn't find it on Ebay or Amazon either. A friend has it, and it's just the ultimate color! Thanks for any advice.

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb


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