'twas a boxing day bath with cinders

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I love boxing day, it's a day for left overs, sitting in awe of your new gifts and relaxing post the big day. I was lucky enough to receive a few goodies this year from Lush, one being this Cinders bath bomb in my stocking which was put to good use during my post Christmas boxing day bath... I remembered this bomb from last year however I hadn't got round to getting it until this year so it was great to finally try it out.

I fully escaped to the bath tub and fully indulged in Lush's little beauty, full of fragrant zests of orange and cinnamon spices. This bath bomb is meant to evoke those feelings of relaxing by the fire and hearing the little crackles while drinking fruit punch - something it certainly does. It may leave your bath water looking rather suspect, but I assure you it's well worth it. I also ordered one of these from the Lush sale so am excited to using it for a second time. As much as I love this in bomb form, I think I would love it more as a bubble bar because I feel even more naked in a bath with no bubbles, is that just me being weird?


  1. I've never tried a lush bath bomb before! I'll have to give it a go :)


  2. I tried this a little while ago and was disappointed by the so called "popping candy" but I loved the smell!
    Ashleigh XO | www.beingashleigh.com

  3. That looks lovely and I heard it is a great bath bomb.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. love cinders! did you get bombardino? it's so adorable and smells so so so sweet!


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