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Dress: ASOS | Cardigan: H&M | Shoes: Primark

I am so cold that I fear my fingers may snap off by the end of writing this post. I woke up this morning and saw sun, but my gosh I swear it's colder than ever - preparing for snow maybe? A slight change in location in todays post due to it starting to rain just as I stepped outside, and with winds so strong the camera was catching too many glimpses of my underwear, therefore I ventured under my porch. 

I haven't worn these shoes in a while and thought they made a nice change to my usual go-to boots. This dress I bought from ASOS just before Christmas. It's another smock-style which makes me look 6+ months pregnant, however I just love how comfy and easy they are to wear. I feel like I haven't dressed myself in floral print in a while so decided today I would venture back into that part of my wardrobe - it makes a nice change to black I guess! 

I definitely need to be productive tonight and tomorrow since I am off work (I only have two days left at the Post Office woo!) and get back to applying for jobs and things. I think panic mode is going to set in very soon, but I would quite like to enjoy a week or so just chilling out... we'll see! 

I am getting my hair cut and coloured tomorrow hopefully as my split ends are awful and my hair is so uneven it's crazy. Sadly I am going to lose a lot of length but aim to add more layers to give it choppiness and volume. I've also been considering a full fringe again but I'm not sure. I love it for around a week then get fed up with the wind blowing it here there and everywhere, and the general annoyingness that full fringes bring + when I had one before I was a lot thinner and less fat-faced. What do you think? 


  1. Oh my! I adore that dress, it's so unbelievably pretty! You look wonderful Jem! x

  2. You are brave going outing those tights! I would freeze my pins off, I'm all about tights under leggings under jeans haha. But gorgeous outfit babe the dress is seriously cute.

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  3. Cute outfit love your floral hairband

  4. This floral dress is BEAUTIFUL!
    I just did a post on Debenhams SS14 and they have some AMAZING floral swimsuits!
    GEMSIES xx

  5. i'm wearing this dress now! although it looks 1000000000 times prettier on you girly. we are such twins.

  6. except you got the better genes..

  7. The wind is the worst! I find myself grabbing on to my hair or my hat in every photo! I really like your smock dress here, lovin' the winter florals! x

  8. i love this dress, it looks so pretty with the floral headband :) as for the fringe i've been contemplating getting one myself and its such a difficult decision to make! x


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