Happy New Year with the Frankie Daily Journal

In my first year of university one of my friends and classmates who had resided in New Zealand introduced me to Frankie Magazine, a beautiful lifestyle magazine with lovely thought out illustrations from Australia. Since then every blog I seem to have read around the New Year period mentioned the Frankie Magazine Daily Journal with pretty photographs to accompany, I was consumed with envy and for years I coveted it. Each year I tried and never seemed to purchase it early enough before it sold out; it became this elusive item that I could never track down except on Ebay where it auctioned with - what seemed like - a 200% increase in price when compared to its RRP. This year however, I bought it as soon as it hit pre-sale and I am so in love with it, which when you consider the fact that it's a diary, could be deemed slightly cray cray, but I don't care because I am so happy to finally own the beaut. This year the theme is botanical which is right up my street, with gorgeous finely drawn illustrations, how could I not be in awe? I love the feeling of it too, it feels so luxurious with its canvas hard-back cover - I can't wait to fill it with lots of exciting plans (well, I live in hope!), for now though I've just pencilled in all my shifts for January - which was slightly depressing, but hopefully the year will take some positive exciting turns. The journal includes: cute pull-out postcards, already made shopping and to do lists, a budget planner, a birthday calendar, a mini addresses section and a few note pages to write all your ramblings... not forgetting the super adorable stickers!

 photo FrankieMagazineDailyJournal2014_zpse97d58c2.jpg photo FrankieJournalIllustrations_zps77a280a9.jpg photo UKlifestyleblogger_zps0551472e.jpg  photo FrankieMagazineJournalinJanuary_zps4b5b42c3.jpg  photo UKbloggerorganisationtips_zps329f26b8.jpg  photo FrankieJournalDetails_zps4357b5b0.jpg  photo BloggerNewYearResolutions_zpsb17af806.jpg On to my New Year resolutions (which I used the note page to scribble them down on)

2013 was a bit of a whirlwind year for me and I could write pages on the good times, the not so good times and those months which made me feel like I wasn't living, but i'm not going to because one of my resolutions is to attempt to be more positive, be the half-glass-full girl and not the usual half-empty girl, so ultimately I am going to try and keep the negative stuff in a box in my head and try my hardest to not leak the dark thoughts into my blog. I completed three of last year's resolutions (yay!) and so my resolutions this year tie in with the things that didn't happen in the past year, and things I want to happen so badly that I am determined to do anything to give them a big tick at the end of it. I don't deal well with change and 2013 was full of changes I wasn't happy with, so without further ado, here they are:

1. eat less and be healthy (pretty cliche but needs to be put in motion)

2. get a job that I will be happy in (kick start my career basically, I have had so many knock backs that I need to pick myself up, believe I can do it and prove to someone they need me at their company by applying to all suitable roles and trying my best to get hired by one)

3. move back to London ( I need to make a plan and stick to it, whether I start back off in retail in the city I need to move back and surround myself with the people I love and whom make me happy. I miss my friends and regret leaving them )

4. blog more and more outfits ( I became very lazy in 2013 and didn't create the content I wish I had, I need to find a suitable set-up and get back into posting outfits and sharing the things I love and enjoy. I also want to fully submerse myself back into the community and make a conscious effort to make myself available for events and blogger meet ups, there are so many bloggers that I miss seeing on a regular basis + want to meet so many more of you lovely lot! )

5. be wiser with money ( saving for things and less impulse buys + spending less in Tesco which will go hand-in-hand with number 1 )

6. be more positive ( I'm a negative nancy and negativity and depression consumed my life too many times than I had hoped in 2013; I need to stop letting it. I need to carry on battling my demons and show everyone I can be strong and deal with my issues in a much better way; this way I can be a much happier girl

I wish you a happy, healthy and great new year! 


  1. Wow, this is such a stunning journal! I can see why it goes for such high prices on ebay, so so gorgeous! Happy New Year Jem! x


  2. argh, every year i pine for this diary. it's so pretty and i hope you get to fill it with all sorts of adventures in 2014 jem! i hope your new years resolutions succeed my lovely, and i really hope this is your year! you belong to london!

  3. p.s, freaking adorable background.

  4. This journal looks so cute and the inside of it looks absolutely adorable. I would probably be afraid to ruin it with my ugly handwriting if I ever got one :>

    Chamomile Dealer

  5. Lovely goals and hope you get to do all of them and what a pretty journal!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |


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