Skincare saviour: HealGel Face

Over the past couple of months I have suffered from awful skin. I think the majority of my breakouts were down to stress and hormones but it really got me down. My skin just wasn't making sense as I would get horrendous under the skin spots, but my skin would also be really dry, flaky and dehydrated. I've become a bit lost with my skincare routine as of late as my skin takes a while to decide whether it likes a product, or not. Initially I think I have found a combination of products that work, but then my skin throws a little bit of a tantrum and completely rejects them. I always thought I had primarily dry skin as it always feels really tight and flakes away; however I also suffer from nasty under the skin lumpy spots, so I guess I must have combination skin? I don't drink enough water and my doctor always tells me that my body is dehydrated which has obviously affected my skin negatively.

I have been using HealGel Face for the last month or so and it's really improved the overall look of my skin; it feels plumper, clearer and more hydrated. I have also noticed that my redness is a bit more at bay and not so intrusive. HealGel Face was created to provide a plumping, smoothing and firming effect and it is probably one of very few products I own that lives up to it's claim.

Some of the benefits of this gel is that it's an anti-aging formula to completely replenish skin, and although I am in my early twenties I am not one to discourage the anti-aging process - we've got to be ahead of the game, do we not? Among a very long list of ingredients that I'm not overly familiar with (they all have such long, ridiculous names) I did notice that HealGel contains an exceptional blend of omega oils and our new found favourite: hyaluronic acid. These both replenish dehydrated skin and help restore the skin's natural elasticity which is clearly what mine needed.

Application: Apply a small amount to clean skin and gently massage until absorbed. A lot of people seem to be unsure of how to use this and what step it should take in their skincare routine; and at first I was completely unsure of how best to use it. I have found that it is sufficient as a moisturiser in my night time routine, but can also be used before your usual moisturiser. It has a really nice, smooth consistency and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and is really easy to massage in to the skin. Personally I find using too much moisturiser breaks my skin out even more, however when I use this on its own my skin feels super plump and refreshed in the morning. If my skin is a little on the dry side I will use this after my moisturiser in the morning and before the application of my foundation as it also works wonders as a primer. It really is a great multi-purpose little gem, and although slightly pricey (but totes worth it) it's one I will have to re-purchase!

Also how cute is the packaging? Kind of has that old-school beauty product feeling- slightly retro- or is that just me? Another added bonus is that HealGel products aren't tested on animals - always a winner!

Have you got your hands on this yet?

[PS: I have wanted to shoot so many new outfits this week but due to the horrible weather and the fact that I've been working 8 days straight and leaving and returning in the dark, it's kind of been against me. I hope to be able to shoot on Sunday which is my day off (yayyyy) and get back into the swing of things next week. I am excited to resume outfit posts again, equally I hope you're looking forward to seeing them.]


  1. This product looks and sounds amazing for skin. :)
    I must get my hands on it and try it out, I've been looking for a new skincare product to try out.

  2. I'm glad that the product worked for you! Breakouts suck!!

  3. Looks lovely and sounds nice for the skin.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |


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