Happy Easter

 Easter nest cakes Easter with a lifestyle blogger  models own sticky fingersMODELS OWN SCENTED POLISH IN BLUEBERRY MUFFIN & STICKY FINGERS NAIL STICKERS

Happy Easter everybody! I know everything has been a little on the quiet side but things haven't been good lately and one of my new year's resolutions was to keep negativity away from this little web haven, thus I have decided to stray away from posting. I've been keeping myself busy this weekend, creating lots of easter treats and indulging in rather a lot of chocolate - que the sugar withdrawal (diet starts again tomorrow!). I also gave myself a rather spring manicure to hopefully regain that spring feeling and put a spring back into my step (ohhh I know cliche). Hopefully when I feel more like 'me' again I will post more often, I do have lots of posts waiting to be written so please keep stopping by. I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Speak to you all soon xoxo

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