A hyaluronic miracle

A few months ago I attended a DECIEM event in celebration of its first birthday and was lucky enough to be introduced to all of the brands under its umbrella. I was super intrigued by the two products above and couldn't wait to try them due to having incredibly dry skin, and ironically, incredibly dry hair. Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate is said to deliver highly active anti-ageing ingredients to all areas of the hands and body, ensuring that skin remains plump and hydrated for longer. The gel-treatment contains a marine hyaluronic complex, containing tremella fuciformis, a mushroom derived ingredient that is apparently 400x more hydrating than hyaluronic acid alone. I suffer from KP (keratosis pilaris) which makes the tops of my arms and legs very bumpy and dry, and I have tried more moisturisers than I have foundations, and that's a lot. Nothing ever seems to moisturise them to the standard I always hope for, so after hearing about hyaluronic acid so much in the press I thought trying something with such a concentrated formula would be a great solution for me. I have so far been really impressed with this product as it leaves my skin feeling so much smoother for longer, especially after a good exfoliation. The only thing I don't like is that hyaluronic acid is incredibly thick and can leave you with a slightly sticky feeling, more so on the palms of hands since they don't have pores to absorb, but after a minute or so the stickiness disappears so it is definitely bearable. I have started using this on my face every so often as well which hasn't proven to be a problem in the way of spots, but it is good for when your skin is extra thirsty. Priced at £27.99 it isn't the cheapest, however I see it lasting for quite a while because the dispenser is huge so I would definitely re-purchase. The Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner was explained to me and described as a holy grail product for hair, thus I because super excited. As an avid hair dyer, my hair is very porous and in bad condition so finding anything that makes my hair feeling soft, silky and generally healthy proves a struggle. I had high high hopes for this and could't wait to swathe my hair in it. At the time, there were only lab samples available as it was still in production so I knew I wouldn't be able to get that many uses out of it (as I literally smother my hair with conditioner, whoever has conditioner left over after their shampoo has run out baffle me to no end), however I was enthusiastic about giving it a go.  The conditioner offers an 11-in-1 haircare system, cleansing away impurities while conditioning hair. Sulphate and detergent free, the products contain a blend of oils including macadamia, jojoba and olive, as well as an amphoteric cleansing complex that binds to impurities. After first use I didn't see a difference - and actually - didn't really like the feel of my hair. I didn't get that silky waterfall feeling that most conditioners provide and my hair just felt a bit raw, but I remembered that this was actually normal after the product was explained. I persevered and gave this another go, but this time using more of the product. After a few uses my hair started to feel so much nicer, it actually looked healthier and moisturised. I'm still not sure if it matches Aussie miracle mask, though. I may buy the full size version soon just so I can use more product each time and do a fully fledged trial.

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