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The lovely people at Chemist Direct kindly sent me the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil with SPF 25 to try and I've been loving it so much I thought I would do a post showing how I have been incorporating it into my daily make-up routine. I am a huge advocate of foundation but as the weather gets warmer I try to give my skin a break, so I have been trying to use BB cream more. I am not totally confident with wearing such a low coverage but my skin *touch wood* hasn't been so bad lately so it's been OK. Chemist Direct provides over 20000 health, pharmacy, beauty and prescription products online which is great for any beauty junkie out there, there's literally so much at your finger tips with a mix of both drug store and high end products. I really like Bare Minerals, in fact, I recently attended the launch of its new Bare Skin foundation, which is also a lovely product to use. I've been in the market for a new powder for a while, but the one I was using was making my skin a little cakey as it wasn't as translucent as I had hoped for. Mineral Veil sets your make-up while providing a really nice sheen, plus it's super light on your skin. I opted for the one with SPF as I have started to realise how important it is, and being a pale girl and all, it's really a must. This look is what I have been sporting for a while, it's super easy to achieve and great for work when you just want to look as natural as possible, but still look like you're alive. The NARS creamy concealer has been a god send for concealing my dark circles and it gives great coverage while not looking cakey. I have always used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I have been suffering with dry skin under my eyes for a while and it was just enhancing that too much, so I am giving it a rest for a while. My favourite 'go to' lippy of the moment is from the new Sharon & Kelly Osbourne for MAC collection, but I won't say too much as I plan on doing another post purely dedicated to the line; I went to its launch and had the most amazing time and I want to share it with you all separately. Many of the other products I have featured in my look can also be ordered on Chemist Direct so if you like how they look, I really urge you to look there first. Delivery is super fast and some things are cheaper than if you were to order from the brands direct. I now have a make-up wish list as long as my arm... if not longer. What do you think of my natural look?

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  1. Your skin looks glowing, I have never tried a Mineral Foundation but I bet it would feel light on the skin for the warner months.


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