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Today, the weather in London has been beautiful. I, though, haven't really moved from my bed. Yes, totally guilty. I feel ashamed to have not enjoyed the weather, but sometimes bed is just what you need, and you need to let that feeling run its course. I don't know what has been wrong with me, I have even done a lot of reading, sat upon my windowsill, and staring up at the blueness of the sky.  Very unlike me. But I enjoyed it. I guess we all need time with ourselves every once in a while. What I did do today was play around and organise all of my beauty bits. I thought I would finally get round to giving a little review on this little beauty... HealGel Eye. Now, I literally love this brand. You can see my review of HealGel Face here. I loved it so much, it worked wonders on my skin, and it's now on my 'repurchase when I can actually afford it' list. Through my job, as well as being a blogger, I feel so privileged to get to try all the new magic potions within beauty, but I hate when I fall in love with a product that I cannot necessarily afford after. That's not because they are all overly expensive, it's just I find myself overly poor all.the.time. However, HealGel is fabulous, and yes it's not the cheapest, but it's worth every single penny because their products work. The face version sorted out my skin a treat and the eye version is no different. I suffer from very dry skin, but also suffer the odd lumpy breakout. More recently, I noticed my under-eye area was getting dry and patchy, resulting in my concealer and foundation clinging. I know it's important to use specific eye products for the area since the skin is so much thinner than the rest of your face, and this product has really moisturised the area well, and *touch wood* has cleared up the issue for the foreseeable future.  The product contains an anti-ageing formula that is said to diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines; and although I don't suffer from the latter, my dark circles (but especially the puffiness of my eyes) has calmed down. They're not so vividly purple which is a vast improvement. The formula is of gel consistency which is easy to blend and not at all sticky. What I also love about the brand is their packaging, isn't it the sweetest? Have you tried HealGel, what are you thoughts?

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