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As today's title suggests, unfortunately I only managed lilac hair for a day, before it started to wash out and leave my tresses a resilient blonde. This hair journey has been mega annoying, putting it plainly. I now, for your information, have blue hair. Not what I was going for. I would have dyed it blue if I wanted it bloody blue, but I suppose it doesn't look SO bad. Putting emphasis on the so there. I feel sorry for my Mama really, she's been great but can't keep up with my hair demands or its misbehavior in holding dye. Anyway it's back to the drawing board on the hair front and that tiresome waiting game of getting the blue out and starting again with the bleach. I think it needs to be lighter still, so will do that and then give Directions Violet ago, as opposed to the Lilac I have been using. Thing is my hairdresser (trusty Mother) lives in Salisbury, a bit of a trip from London, so I will be in hair limbo for a few more weeks yet. Le sigh. Anyway... despite the ongoing hair dramaZZ!! Don't ya just love my new scarf? Utter bargain from Primarni, obvs. My whole wardrobe is Primark these days, not a bad thing I guess when I find such gems. Also in love with these shoes at the moment. They were so painful but now, after the initial break-in, they're dead comfy. Totes my 'go to' shoes for this murderous rain we're having. What have been your Primark bargz recently? I love watching hauls (although I am too chicken to do them myself) so please send me links in the comments below or on Twitter and I will be sure to check them out. Have a lovely eve!


  1. aaargh what a shame, lilac so suits you! bet the blue looks awesome too :)

    becky ::

  2. So in love with the lilac hair - shame it didn't last for a little while longer!

  3. Such a beauty Jem! Lilac hair looks amazing on you, even if it didn't last very long! x

  4. your hair looks lovely, I can never get purple to stay in my hair very long either so I tend to go for pink
    : ]

  5. Looove the hair, it really suits you. That's a shame it didn't last!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  6. Love the shoes :-) and your hair - what a stunning colour!! xx

  7. Aw, sad that it didn't last. :(


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