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Let me just start of with saying this one thing: teeth whitening is a long ass process. I used to watch hundreds (OK, slight exaggeration - but a lot) of YouTube videos of people whitening their teeth, and - more to the point - making it look incredibly quick and simple. Maybe that has been the experience for some, but not me. My teeth have been a huge issue for me for as long as I can remember. I am petrified of dentists, and I know a lot of people say the same, but for me it really has been a big deal; I would call it borderline phobia. I used to do anything to ensure I got out of going to the dentist because as soon as I reached those doors, I would be an anxious mess. I couldn't go in, and if I was dragged in I would be sweating with panic, and crying so hard that I could make myself sick. Once - to put off going - I locked my mum's car keys in the house, so we were locked out and physically couldn't drive the car - just so I would miss my appointment. My teeth got so bad I had to be reffered to the hospital, where subsequently I had to be put under general anaesthetic to have teeth removed, and be heavily sedated to have any fillings. I currently have three missing adult teeth and they used to be horribly stained. It's not until you get older you realise what a big deal having a good pair of teeth is; I really regret not taking more care of them sooner.

When Smile Brilliant, a US-based teeth whitening company, got in touch and asked me if I were interested in reviewing its teeth whitening at-home system, I literally jumped at the chance. This was a good three months ago and I am only finally at the stage where I feel I can do a review. The first step was quite easy. The brand provided me with moulding putty for my impressions and plastic mouth guards to help create my teeth whitening trays and once I had done that I sent them off to be made (postage was all paid for). They came back incredibly fast despite the cross-country travel and were housed in this little box (above) that made me feel like a a geriatric with false teeth. I received three syringes of desensitising gel and then three of the bleaching gel. Each syringe gave three to four applications in which I varied the time according to the discomfort. I would start off aiming for three hours but sometimes could only manage one; I would usually leave them in between one and a half and two hours - at first - every other day. This proved too much and my gums got too sore, maybe I didn't use enough of the desensitising gel (I only left that on for half an hour due to my impatience so, would advise longer if you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums). I also only used this gel twice rather than before each time I whitened. After finishing the three syringes I wasn't happy with the results at all, I could notice a slight difference but hardly anything drastic. I was told that the main misconception of this process is people thinking they get bright white teeth instantly, whereas whitening only brings teeth back to the natural whiteness; point being the tone of whiteness varies.

Smile Brilliant kindly sent me another batch of three syringes and I restarted the process. This time I had to do lots of short applications and leave longer in between, due to sore gums. I also, like I said prior, get impatient and three hours is a long time to not eat or smoke. Yes, I probably should point out that I smoke, which is another reason this process probably took a lot longer than it would for a non-smoker. It doesn't take a genius to work out that smoking counteracts the whitening gel considering it probably caused a lot of the stains in the first place. So here we are with the final result so far. This was achieved with five syringes (roughly 20 applications) and so I still have one left for the occasional top up. I have also been using a smokers whitening toothpaste alongside this process, which I feel has helped a tinsy bit more. I do recommend Smile Brilliant, I cannot fault the service I have received - they really are a great company, especially for not being based in the UK.  The at-home system is a bargain when compared with going to a professional, so if you have the patience it's definitely worth the save! I finally feel like I can smile with my teeth showing, which is something that very rarely happened before I jumped on the whitening band wagon. Do you have a teeth whitening experience? I would love to read all about it.


  1. Your teeth look amazing! I have tried so many different teeth whitening kits and probably wasted a lot of money having none of them really make such a noticeable difference on my teeth. I don't smoke but I do drink a bit of caffeine and eat a lot of sugary foods which probably cause the stained teeth I have. I hate smiling and I avoid having photos taken at all costs! I really hope to invest in this in the future as I've never tried it but heard good things!
    I do however think they shouldn't sell with just the three syringes as I've read from other reviews that three are not enough for a noticeable difference.

    Peach Pow XO

  2. This looks fab! I was asked to do a teeth whitening review for another company a while ago, but never ended up doing it since their product didn't work. Glad this one worked for you :)
    Fashion Infatuation

  3. Stained teeth was a real problem for me too. I tried many methods at home but nothing worked out . At last I visited a smile centre near to my house in Thornhill. They helped me and used a custom teeth whitening trays which really worked out. And now I could smile in front of others with confidence.


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