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 La Redoute French Fashion La Redoute French Fashion La Redoute French FashionJUMPER & SKIRT: LA REDOUTE* | SHOES: NEW LOOK
As pretty and as flouncy as this skirt is, it's just not a winner for my body shape. I was trying to replicate French style with fashion retailer La Redoute, but my look has as much poise as a ballerina with two left feet. I do still love the outfit though, I just think it wasn't made for me. The jumper, however, is the best thing I've owned in a long time, it's super cosy and y'know, well, roll necks are totes in right now! I used to hate wearing them when my Mama used to dress me in them, but I now think they really add something to a casual outfit, I like it. Grey is my thing at the moment, the only thing about me that isn't grey is my hair, which I've tried and failed to achieve, but that's another story. This skirt still makes me happy, just look how pretty it is, oui? Just these styles make me look toooooo hippy and do not flatter me in the slightest, but because it's just so cute I may have to hang it on a hanger on my wall. I love how in each of my outfit posts my hair is a different colour, and I have finally (after lots of stress, tears and hair loss) got rid of the blue and have gone back to purple. We will save that story for another time, though - I am sure y'all see it soon. Anyway, vous aims tous, have a great day!


  1. LOVE THIS! The skirt is so lovely, and I love it teamed with the jumper.
    Just gorgeous xx

  2. You look gorgeous Jem, so pretty x

  3. Ah this is such a gorgeous outfit!


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