George at Asda Partywear Wish list

I have a few Christmas parties to attend in the coming weeks and deciding what to wear is something I find a very difficult task. My style is quite relaxed and casual most of the time, and I am a self confessed 'clubbing hater', so I consequently have very little party-appropriate clothing. As I am pretty much on a budget all of the time, I really relish delving into what our good old supermarkets have to offer, and this week i've been checking out the party range from George. A lot of people write off supermarket fashion, but I think this emits and ignorance to fashion, especially as there are always some good gems to be found that can be mixed with other items in your wardrobe. I think the key to styling a good outfit is mixing a range of pieces, brands and price points together. Unfortunately George at ASDA is hard to come by in my area of London, so I was pretty impressed with its online presence - shopping made easy, and it is all super affordable. This is everything that caught my eye that is on site now, some would make perfect party staples. My favourite is the black jumpsuit, because we all know you can't go wrong with a bit of monochrome. For a more feminine edge, this blue embellished dress would look super pretty with the cream faux fur jacket and some vintage midi-heels; and for all over sparkle, you can't go wrong with rose gold sequins. Trés chic. Do you like to check out your local supermarket's fashion offering? Have you found anything that you couldn't quite believe was from a supermarket? Let me know in the comments.

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