Japonesque Essential Brush Set

I love trialing new make-up tools, and Japonesque is a brand I have heard many great things about. When I mentioned I was in the market for a few new brushes, especially finding a good one to apply eyeshadow, I was kindly sent the Essential Brush Set. The set features four must-have brushes in a rather swanky portable case. Brushes include: Foundation brush, Powder brush, Shadow brush and Pro-angled Eyeliner brush. The shadow brush has been a godsend for eyeshadow newbies like me, as it really helps blend both powder and cream shadows seamlessly. I am new to the eyeshadow game, it's not something I usually wear, however that's something I want to change. It's time to up my game eh?! The brushes fit in my make-up bag a treat, due to being travel sized, which is really handy. The only complaint I have is that the powder brush splits hairs a bit, which end up sticking to my foundation, but other than that I am pretty impressed. I think I will delve into the brand further now. Any recommendations?

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