Luli French Vanilla Shisha

 Eshish Luli Deluxe  Disposable Shisha French Vanilla  Luli Deluxe E-Vapourizers  Shisha Sticks
Firstly, I think I need to point out this one thing: I am am not glorifying smoking. I am a smoker, I will admit that, but I'm not trying to make it cool. When taking on this assignment, I did hesitate slightly as I thought I would get absolutely slaughtered on social media, but I do really enjoy these so I thought it was worth sharing; it's only vapour after all. The Luli electronic shisha cigarattes are 100% free from nicotine, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals, so nothing - apart from the appearance - like a real cigarette. Shisha reminds me of a past holiday in the sun, and they taste really pleasant; they are also a very good alternative to the real thing. Although I do find myself addicted to cigarettes, I'd say the hardest thing for me with cutting down is the social side, especially when drinking. So although these don't provide the same hit, you don't feel like your missing out on the social gathering when you're friends with smokers, plus it gives a distraction from the fact that it actually hasn't got a drug in it. I was out the other night in a club and it was really difficult to get to the smoking area, so I was puffing on these and they really helped distract myself from feeling like I needed a hit of nicotine as I was still doing the usual motion. What I also like about these is the diamond tip - again not glorifying - but they do light up in a jazzy pink colour. I received the French Vanilla flavour which is really sweet without being overpowering, and I like that I can smoke at my desk rather than bracing the cold outside. These are disposable, however you get around 200 puffs in each one. I think you can get ones with nicotine in, which I may try when I want to cut the real deal out completely. Do you enjoy shisha?

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  1. i love shisha and i have tried the bubblegum version from luli and its amazing! These sound great too! I agree with you i love how it's convenient. Fab pics too!


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