November Favourites: Skincare


I know I am a bit late to the November favourites party, but a gal has been busy! I am so into skincare at the moment, so thought I would base this around all of the items that have been my 'go to' in terms of skincare for the past month, or so. The Slik'n Sonic Clean Plus has officially broken my cleansing brush virginity, and now I wouldn't know how to resume my routine without it. I didn't purge, in terms of spots, as much as I thought which is obviously great. It exfoliates so much more in comparison to a hot cloth, which I am accustomed to, and paired with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, makes my skin super soft. I still don't think I have worked it out 100%, especially the pulsing mode, do I just hold it in one place? Or move it around still? Who knows. The only negative I have is that I don't think it has a timer, and suggests 30 seconds on each part of the face - and I am terrible at keeping track of time. 

Heal Gel Eye has always been a firm favourite of mine, but I stopped using it for a while and then realised how much I loved it after using it again. It's so cooling (I also like to put mine in the fridge) so like to use it first thing in the morning to reduce any puffiness occurred from my, routinely, lack of sleep. 

Dr. Organic's Snail Gel is my moisturiser of choice in the mornings due to it being a gel, which for me is light and cooling. It contains an extract from real life snails (yes, I know a bit weird) but is said to be extremely moisturising. I also have the cream, which is heavier and more moisturising, but I don't like it as much.  This also smells AMAZING. 

The Ren 1 Minute Flash Facial is probably the best mask I have tried in a long while. Firstly, it smells like chocolate orange, secondly it's really quick, simple and easy to use, and thirdly, it leaves my skin refreshed, smooth and rejuvenated. I like to use this on a Sunday night to refresh for the coming week, but if you can function early in the morning, it's good to use then as it wakes you up.

Bioderma. What a cult favourite. Before the Bioderma Hydrabio Masque, I had only used the highly acclaimed micellar water, which is fantastic by the way, but pretty much all micellar waters do similar things so I don't always buy Bioderma.  I have super dry skin, so this is great for those evenings when I feel my skin is severely lacking in hydration. You use it like a thick moisturiser, let it sink in and then wipe away the excess. Skin is left as soft as a baba's bottom, result!

Finally, something completely new to me - brand and product - is the nspa Micellar One-Step Cleanser. As mentioned before,  I find all waters quite similar. There has only been one that I really don't get on with and that's the L'OrĂ©al one, but this one is super calming on the face. It removes make-up super quickly and actually feels like it's doing something. Two cotton pads usually do my whole face, which is blooming brilliant.

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