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I am very purple today, and I kinda love it. I've finally got around to showing you my new hair colour (I swear I have had a different shade during each previous outfit post), and I am so happy with how it has faded. It was originally dark purple as I couldn't seem to get a lilac with staying power, so opted for a darker hue with the plan to let it fade. It is still very multi-tonal, though... but I don't mind it so much. This is what I wore last night for a festive shindig with my friends. This has got to be the cheapest outfit ever, complete and utter Primark bargains. I love how this dress fits, and it reminds me of a former Topshop dress I was lusting after. These boots were a Black Friday purchase from ASOS, and they were SO tight when I first wore them, but after wearing them in a bit, they're actually quite comfy. I feel very grown up when wearing them, I think they're the smartest boots I've owned in a long while. I used to hate pointy shoes because they reminded me of my Mum's office attire, but as I have got older, I see the appeal of pointy shoes: smart and chic. My blog is lacking in the festive department, and it's really annoying me. I am going to try get some Christmas-esque posts up before the big day dawns. Oh, and how fricking amazing is this lipstick shade? It's from a newly introduced (to me anyway) brand called Nizz Cosmetics, but I am going to save the details for another post.


  1. I just love this, so gorgeous Jem x


  2. Love this look! Everything is just gorgeous, just LOVING the boots xx

  3. love your hair color :))

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