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I always have been a girl who prefers tattoos over piercings. I only have two real ones, but always have the bug to get more, yet never get round to saving the money to get them. Temporary tattoos are such a great way to feed the urge without splashing the cash, and also a great way to help you figure out where, and what, you would like to ink permanently. This set from Skin Art is fab for that, it has definitely made me want a heart on my finger, although I know tattoo artists advise against them due to the upkeep. Finger tattoos don't seem to last that long without wear and tear, and when you see celebs with them, you just know they have to keep getting them touched up every so often, which again costs money. I think my favourites from this set are the daintier designs: feathers, hearts, infinity symbols - all those totally cliche tats that many people seem to be adorned with. Nether-the-less, I am ink-smitten. The pack says they I meant to last for up to five days, depending on where you put them. The heart on my finger lasted a day, but the feather is still going strong after two days. I lightly talc over them once they have been applied, but I know translucent powder works just as well. These are applied in a super easy way in just a few seconds, exactly how you'd put on the temp tats you used as a kid: a sponge and water and hey presto, it's on! What do you think of temporary tattoos? I know you can tell the difference up close, but from afar I think they could fool anyone (apart from tattoo artists, of course.) I might go and put the rose on my ankle now...

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  1. Lovely post! I love temp tattoos too! <3


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