Getting Lippy: Lulu Guinness x Tangle Teezer

  Tangle Teezer x Lulu Guinness  Lulu Guinness Card Holder  Tangle Teezer CompactWhen great icons of the fashion industry collaborate with the stand-outs among the beauty world, it's always a gooden. The latest love of mine has got to be the collaboration between fashion accessories designer Lulu Guinness and our beloved Tangle Teezer. I can't be without my Tangle Teezers (my hair would have a tantrum if I used anything else), and although I only have a modest collection of four, this is by far my favourite. The limited edition Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer Compact Styler* is adorned with monochrome stripes and Lulu's signature lips design, which - let's be honest - is always a winner. This is my first compact styler and I have grown to love its handiness: it has become a staple in my handbag, along with this rather seductive looking Lulu Guinness Envelope Card Holder*. What also pleases me with the compacts, is that they come with a nifty clip in cover to protect the teeth, which is always ideal if your bag is laden with crumbs like mine. I know, I know… I'm a mess, but food is also another staple in my handbag.


  1. This is just far too cute! I love the design x

  2. Love the print on this, it actually matches my blog design! :P

  3. I'm actually now really annoyed that I've already got a Tangle Teezer - I want this one!!

    Becky ::

    1. Don't be annoyed, you can have both! One for home and one for your handbag x

  4. Ahh this is so cute! :)
    I have a normal tangle teezer and I've been meaning to get a mini one with a lid for my handbag, and I think this is the perfect one for me!


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