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 photo tights1_zps7ienmauo.jpg photo tights2_zpsbcouc94x.jpg photo tights3_zpsdq4rs3ur.jpg It can probably be said that I am more of a tights girl, rather than a trouser wearer. I don't know why, but trousers and me just don't get on as well as me and dresses do. I hate my legs and the trouser departments send me into an anxious frenzy. My legs dissatisfy me, so I feel trousers accentuate them in all the wrong places. I am, however, starting to introduce trousers a lot more in to my daily, and rather casual, ensembles. More so in the shape of jeans than anything else. In reflection, this is probably why I am - and always have been - a firm believer of a good pair of tights. I find tights sexy, not necessarily on me, but sexy nonetheless. I also like to have fun with tights, because they can really enhance a mundane outfit. I love Wolford tights, they seem to be the only 'high end' tights brand I have tried, as I must admit I usually buy the cheaper pairs on the market so I don't feel so bad about only wearing them once (I am a serial snagger when wearing low denier).

I was kindly sent some new styles from online hosiery retailer, UK Tights of brands I had never tried before and it's reignited my love for hosiery. The first pair are the Pretty Polly Texture Chunky Cable Twist Tights, ultra thick, warm, ribbed tights which go with pretty much everything and anything. I've been enjoying wearing these on a Monday morning when I want to be warm but can't be bothered to style myself. I throw on an oversized jumper dress and my trusty Nike Roshe Runs and I am ready to go. I have these in a size large and I am a dress size 12-14, however I've found these come up a little big so I'd recommend getting a medium.

The second pair are the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights, which are something I can see myself reaching for a lot during the spring; they're super girly, whimsical and provide something a little more than plain natural tights. I've paired these with some cute pastel-hued frilly socks and would accentuate them further with a white dress or oversized white shirt with some cut out sandals (not currently weather appropriate). These are incredibly sheer, but surprisingly have enough stretch in them to not over pull and snag. I cannot stress how important it is to work from the bottom up, I used to pull up my tights from the top when they'd start to fall down, and that caused all kinds of holes.

Finally, the third are the Cecilia de Rafael Viena Lurex Tights, which are super sparkly. I am having a bit of a thing for lurex at the moment, socks in particular. Sparkly doesn't have to mean evening attire, either. Saying that, these would totally rock for a night out, but I have been styling them with a black oversized T-shirt dress and chunky boots for the day time. They were the hardest to get on, though. They appear to have little stretch and these are an XL. Totes worth it though, albeit a little bit itchy.

How about you, do you like to be adventurous with tights, or stick with simple black high deniers?


  1. Love the cute spotty tights

  2. It's good that we sent you a XL in those lurex tights! You're totally right: they're difficult to put on, but even more difficult not to put them on once you've tried them!
    Thanks for your review of tights! Let's hope sandals weather gets back early! Warm regards,

    UK Tights

  3. Nice post! Tights are the way to go especially if you want to make a clear fashion statement to the attire you are wearing.

    Rule of Thumb: Fashion Tights Please!


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